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Pulse Queen

Pulse Queen lay on the side against the packaging
Pulse Queen facing up, viewed from the side, slight shadowing beneath
An underwear clad, female model holding pulse queen to her stomach
Pulse Queen lay on the side, it's oscillating plate on view
Pulse Queen lay on its side, viewed from the back. Its controls on show.
Pulse Queen lay on its side, the oscillating plate on show against a blue background
Top half of a female model wearing a black lacy bra with chain straps, holding the pulse queen between her breasts with her tattooed arm

Pulse Queen

God Save The Queen.

£ 99.95 + Shipping

Introducing the PULSE QUEEN, the world’s first wand with PulsePlate Technology™. Setting a new standard for wands everywhere, the PULSE QUEEN delivers high-amplitude oscillations that penetrate deep into your body. Whether you’re a newbie or a power queen, the PULSE QUEEN will have you accessing a whole new orgasm pallet you never knew existed.


1 x Pulse Queen

1 x Travel pouch

1 x Instruction booklet

1 x Charging cable (Need a replacement? Click here)

1 x Warranty sheet

Putting the magic back into wands, the PULSE QUEEN offers a completely new kind of sensation. Rather than the vibrations you’ve come to expect from your toys, the PULSE QUEEN delivers deep and bassy oscillations! It’s truly like nothing you - or your vulva - have ever experienced before.

Another great thing about oscillations is the range that can be achieved. The PULSE QUEEN starts off really gentle, which is perfect for those new to toys, and builds to an intense crescendo when you hit the higher settings. This makes the PUSLE QUEEN extremely versatile and great for those newer to toys as well as those who love their power – power queens and newbies rejoice!

Image of a female wearing lacy underwear, her bottom is to the camera and she's holding Pulse Queen in her hand


Drawing showing pulse queen between a model's legs and powerful oscillation waves pulsating out

Our patented PulsePlate Technology™ delivers deep, bassy, high-amplitude oscillations.

Drawing showing pulse queen between a model's legs and powerful oscillation waves pulsating out

Ergonomically designed to hug your body, whichever position you choose.

Drawing showing the Pulse Queen with gentle power to intense power

Super gentle to incredibly intense- choose the power setting that’s right for you.

Learn how to make the most out of your PULSE QUEEN

Why you will love it

Drawing showing pulse queen between a model's legs and powerful oscillation waves pulsating out

These oscillations run deep

Vibrations, even when powerful, only run skin deep. PULSE QUEEN however oscillates at an amplitude of between 2.5-3mm, penetrating deep into your body.

Drawing showing how to charge Pulse Queen

Take your time, every time

Rechargeable with USB adaptor, PULSE QUEEN lasts for 40min when fully charged – more than enough time for you to enjoy yourself again and again… and again.

Drawing showing the PULSE Queen oscillating beneath the person laying on top of it

Oh, so versatile!

Designed to hug your body for the perfect fit, PULSE QUEEN is extremely versatile and can be used in any position. Why not try lying on the toy and letting the PULSE QUEEN do all the hard work!

Drawing showing pulse queen between a model's legs and powerful oscillation waves pulsating out and lines through to represent that Pulse Queen is waterproof

The wetter the better

For the ultimate treat, why not enjoy the PULSE QUEEN as part of a bath and bubbles pamper session. Alternative, enjoy some alone time in the shower or even the hot tub if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Product Information


2.17 × 2.17 × 7.09 In

55 x 55 x 180mm

Dimensions (with packaging)

4.45 × 3.15 × 8.66 In

113 x 80 x 220mm


6.17 oz


Weight (with packaging)

10.06 oz



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