Secrets Of A Hands-Free Orgasm


Hands-Free Orgasm. It sounds like the ultimate masturbation holy grail. Surely if it were easy we’d all be doing it? Especially these days when so many of us watch porn on our phones, a hands-free orgasm would make it much simpler to scroll through a video without getting lube all over your iPhone screen.

Well, the good news is that the hands-free orgasm isn’t just a ‘knack’ that some people have and others don’t – like rolling your tongue or being double-jointed. It also doesn’t have to be a product of hypnosis or sheer force of will. Naturally everyone’s sexual responses are different, but there are some simple, physical things that may help you achieve a hands-free orgasm of your own.

Step 1: abandon old habits

We all build up certain masturbation habits over the years. Whether it’s a ‘death grip’ style or a particular build and rhythm. None of these techniques are inherently bad – after all, you know best how to give yourself pleasure. But sometimes masturbation habits can make us a bit lazy.

If you’re after a hands-free orgasm, though, first you need to forget some of the things you’ve relied on in the past and focus instead on new sensations.

Step 2: explore your sensitive spots

Lots of different factors can affect your penis sensitivity, including whether you’re circumcised and how recently you’ve had sex or masturbated. What’s more some (although not all) men find that as they age they lose some of the sensitivity in their penis. So it helps to know which parts are likely to be most responsive.

The head is usually the most sensitive part of the penis, and the underside of the head – around the ridged corona and near the frenulum – is even more so. Most tricks for hands-free orgasm focus on this area. Experimenting with light touches using your fingertips, with the help of a bit of lube, should give you a good idea of your own levels of sensitivity and the kind of touch that works best for you.

Step 3: use a toy that stimulates in the right ways

Once you’ve rediscovered the most sensitive areas of your penis, it’s time to work out the best way to stimulate them. Some people find they can achieve hands-free orgasm just by flexing their PC muscles – the penis twitches, and just small movements of the corona or frenulum against the stomach or thigh can be enough to bring someone to orgasm. However, it’s not a technique that works for everyone, so that’s where vibrations and PULSE come in.

While plenty of people have played with vibrating prostate toys, it’s rarer for people to explore the sensations you can get through vibrations applied directly to the penis. PULSE is a next-generation masturbator which delivers exactly those vibrations. If you’re looking for a hands-free orgasm, you position your penis so that the oscillating PulsePlate sits directly against your frenulum. The silicon ‘wings’ of the toy will wrap around your penis, with the vibrations targeted to your most sensitive spot. PULSE can be used with or without lube, although if you’re looking for a hands-free orgasm, using either no lube or just a small amount means the toy will stay in place more easily.

Step 4: experiment

Here comes the really fun part. Now that you’ve introduced a new sensation – deep, rumbling vibrations that travel all the way through your penis – it’s time to start experimenting with what works best for you. Ever been jealous of all the different vibration options there seem to be on those pink and phallic sex toys? Well, now it’s your turn to have a play.

Use the buttons on the wrist remote of your PULSE SOLO LUX  to increase the intensity of the vibrations until you find one that’s right for you. Test out how it feels either with or without lube, and experiment with different positions – the most important thing is where the PulsePlate sits, so that the sensations are delivered to just the right spot.

Step 5: don’t pressure yourself

Hands-free orgasm is going to come more easily to some people than others. Depending on your personal preferences, and previous masturbation techniques, it may seem strange to suddenly adopt a whole different way of getting off. One of the most important things is to understand that you may not succeed first time.

Consider giving yourself a five or ten minute window to just play, enjoy the sensations, but not ejaculate. Combining a PULSE with other masturbation tips and tricks, such as edging, can help take your mind off the idea of masturbation as simply a means to an end.

Ready to try it out? Grab yourself a PULSE SOLO LUX (or a PULSE DUO if you’d like to use it for couples play as well), and start exploring the best way to give yourself a hands-free orgasm.


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