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Hands-Free Orgasm. It sounds like the ultimate masturbation holy grail. Being able to kick back, browse porn or read erotica. Surely if it were easy, we’d all be doing it?

The good news is that the hands-free orgasm isn’t just a ‘knack’ that some people have and others don’t – like rolling your tongue or being double-jointed.

Here are 5 ways to cum without hands (starting with the easiest first).

hands-free orgasm from Pulse

1: Buy a sex toy that does it for you

The ultimate wank hack is to buy a toy designed to do the job. Our PULSE range has been specifically designed to deliver hands-free orgasms at the touch of a button.

The oscillating PulsePlate sits directly against the tip of your penis. The silicone ‘wings’ of the toy wrap around your shaft. Vibrations engulfing your member leading to a new, more powerful climax (hands-free of course).

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2: Erotic Hypnosis

It won’t work for everybody, but why not give it a go? Watch the hypnotic images and listen to Fiona’s seductive voice. As time goes on, Fiona introduces finger clicks to heighten the experience. It takes a while to get into it, and you do have to be in the mood, but based on our testing it can be done. Just make sure you don’t go too deep!!!

hands-free orgasm from Atom Plus

3: Perineum / Prostate Stimulation

The perineum is the area between the base of your penis and your anus. The prostate is a gland inside your anus that is often credited as the ‘male G-Spot’. In both instances, if you want to use these areas as the basis for a hands-free orgasm, you’ll probably need to use a toy.

One of the best rated products for perineum stimulation is ATOM PLUS. It’s basically a cock ring with a drop-down area that teases your perineum with vibrations designed to excite this sensitive area. If you’re looking to  experiment with direct prostate stimulation, companies such as Aneros have a great range of safe prostate massagers.

Learn more about ATOM PLUS

4: Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are soundwaves that affect brainwaves and potentially deliver a hands-free orgasm. We didn’t manage to achieve this, but it did heighten the experience. Judging by some of the comments against the video it works for some people.

The science behind binaural beats is that you experience arousal and erotic pleasure when you listen to specific frequency alpha, beta, delta and theta waves. Too techie for you? We feel the same, but well worth a try (though it only really works with headphones).

hands-free orgasm from fabric

5: Fabrics and PC Muscles

If you can afford to waste a silk scarf (or were about to wash your bedsheets anyway) then fabrics can help you achieve hands-free orgasm.

Assuming you’re already erect, pull a light fabric over the tip of your penis and flex your pubococcygeus muscles (PC muscles – basically the ones that connect your penis to your pelvis). The friction from the movement of fabric against the frenulum can be enough to help you cum with no hands. Most men have experienced this in some capacity before (wet dreams and all), but it’s always fun to try things again.

Want to cut thorough the red tape and save yourself from disappointment? Grab PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL (or PULSE DUO for couples), and start exploring the best way to give yourself a hands-free orgasm.

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