Treble & Bass Technology™

When music meets pleasure

Inspired by music, developed by science

Sex & music have been synonymous with each other for as long as we can remember but we at Hot Octopuss have taken the two to a whole new level with our patented Treble & Bass Technology™.

First introduced with the launch of JETT, Treble & Bass offers a unique way to experience pleasure.

Treble & Bass Technology™

Utilising different size motors and counterweights in order to create varying vibration frequencies is something that has never before been done in the sex toy market.

Although a very clever concept (even if we do say so ourselves), we knew it would be a real challenge to try and communicate what this actually meant, especially in terms of sensation.

We searched high and low for a term that would describe something, that as you can see, is actually pretty technical, in a way that everyone could understand.

When one of us coined the term “Treble and Bass Technology™”, we thought we had hit the jackpot – it was perfect!

Everyone knows that treble frequencies are high and that bass frequencies are low. This is exactly what our Treble and Bass Technology™ does in terms of sensations. The “Treble” motor creates powerful high-frequency waves, whilst the “Bass” motor delivers deep, rumbly vibrations.

Just like when using a graphic equaliser, you simply adjust each of the motors to change the frequency waves until you find your perfect frequency.

Treble and Bass Technology™
demonstrated by JETT

The Treble Bullet emits powerful high-frequency waves

The Bass Bullet delivers deep, rumbly vibrations

Adjust the Treble and Bass to find your perfect frequency
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A symphony of stimulation, this Guybrator™, powered by our innovative Treble and Bass Technology™, delivers hands-free orgasms.