PulsePlate Technology™

When pleasure meets science

Scientific Marvels

Sex and science may not seem like a conventional fit. But with cutting-edge technology we’ve invented new options for experiencing pleasure. And we’ve opened up the possibility of intimacy for thousands of people who didn’t think they could experience it.

Since the launch of our PULSE III SOLO and DUO in 2013, we have been inundated with feedback from older users, from those with erection difficulties, and from people with mobility issues, on the impact these toys have had on their sex lives. We have detailed below how PULSE III SOLO and DUO can be used to make sex work for you, no matter what your body allows.

PulsePlate Technology™

Our PulsePlate Technology™ uses powerful oscillations completely new to the sex toy industry. We’re about to get a little technical, but don’t let that turn you off.

The technology behind PULSE III SOLO and DUO has its origins in medical science, where studies have revealed the precise frequency and amplitude of vibrations necessary to allow orgasm in men with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). While our product is not a medical device, we use cutting-edge tech – our PulsePlate Technology™ – to stimulate the frenulum using oscillations. This leads to a unique experience for people who want to take their orgasms to the next level. But it also gives those who struggle with conventional sex and masturbation the chance to once again enjoy pleasure.

PulsePlate Technology™ also loves vulvas

Originally used in our PULSE range designed for penises, we have adapted the technology and applied it to the Queen Bee to enable women and vulva-owners to also experience the powerful effect of oscillations.

As found in
Our multi award-winning Guybrator™, the perfect partner for any penis. Its cutting edge PulsePlate Technology™ will get your pulse racing, no erection or hands required.
The couples’ sex toy that’s changing foreplay forever. Powerful oscillations combined with tailored vibrations create a climactic couples' experience like no other.
Queen Bee
Feel incredible when you’re feeling yourself with the clitoral stimulator that is setting new standards for female toys. The Queen Bee’s innovative use of PulsePlate Technology™ will open you up to a whole new spectrum of orgasms.