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Orgasm Health Benefits: Nine Unexpected Reasons To Get Your ‘Vitamin O’

We all know orgasms are fun. But did you know they’re scientifically proven to be wholesome too?

Orgasms have some surprising health benefits. Whatever your gender or age, and whether you’re dealing with medical issues and limitations or not, you’ll be amazed how much good a daily boost of ‘Vitamin O’ can do you. Check out our science-backed health reasons for daily orgasms below.

1. Orgasms increase immunity to help you fight off infection

There’s plenty of research that suggests regular sexual activity helps boost your immune system. A survey of college students in 2004 found that those having frequent sex had 30% more immunoglobulin A – the body’s first line of defense against infection – in their systems than those who had sex less often.

2. More orgasms = less risk of prostate cancer

A study of 50,000 men from the USA’s National Cancer Institute found that penis owners who ejaculated more than 21 times a month were almost a third less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who ejaculated less than seven times a month. While no one is certain why this is, it’s thought that regular ejaculation might clear old semen out of the penis that could otherwise become carcinogenic. It’s not exactly the cheeriest reason for regularly bashing one out, but if you do feel you need an excuse (perhaps to treat yourself to the latest sex tech for penises for more efficient wanking and intense orgasms), this seems like an excellent one.

3. Regular sex may delay the onset of menopause and reduce menopause symptoms

If you’re a uterus owner who’s having regular sex as you head into middle age, then scientists theorize that your body may take this as a signal to keep producing plenty of the hormones that enable conception – pushing menopause to a later date. A study earlier this year showed that women in their 40s and 50s who were having sexual activity of any kind (including masturbation) at least once a week were less likely to have been through menopause than those who weren’t. Not only that but if you are going through the menopause transition, regular orgasms will keep your vagina healthy by increasing blood flow and lubrication to the area. If you’re finding yourself a little slower or less sensitive than you used to be, which is common around menopause, push yourself over the edge with an ergonomically designed bullet vibe.

4. Orgasms are good for your mental health

There’s an overwhelming amount of research out there proving orgasms help relieve stress. Partnered sex releases oxytocin, a hormone that promotes relaxation and a sense of trust and connection, as well as reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body. Meanwhile, thanks to brave souls willing to masturbate in MRI machines for science, we know that orgasm itself releases a cocktail of feelgood chemicals in the brain, including stress-relieving oxytocin, the reward chemical dopamine, and the ‘happy neurotransmitter’ serotonin. Go on, give your brain a boost.

5. Orgasms may improve your performance at work

Psychologists have been known to suggest ‘masturbation breaks’ at work as a way of reducing stress and improving productivity. According to psychologist and life coach Dr. Cliff Arnall, a masturbation policy might result in ‘more focus, less aggression, higher productivity, and more smiling’. A few years ago we at Hot Octopuss raised awareness of the benefits of work wank breaks by launching our ‘GuyFi’ masturbation booth in Manhattan – which got such a huge response it went viral and ended up on Snopes.

6. Orgasms may actually help you live longer

Scientists announced in 2011 that a long-term study of lifestyle and longevity seemed to suggest that women who orgasm regularly during sex live longer than those who don’t orgasm as often. They theorize it’s because more enjoyable sex tends to equal happier relationships, which leads to better overall health. But sadly there hasn’t been enough research to say for sure. However, there are plenty of other studies that suggest the same link between regular, satisfying sex, improved health, and longer lifespan, like this 1997 study of middle-aged men, which found that those who orgasmed at least twice a week had a 50% lower chance of death from coronary heart disease than those who orgasmed less than once a month.

7. Orgasms can help manage pain

Research has shown that pain tolerance goes up when you masturbate to orgasm and that people with migraines and cluster headaches find the pain reduces during sex. This is probably because of the endorphins (natural painkillers) released by the brain at orgasm. If you get period cramps, sex is one of the best ways of tackling the pain without pills.

8. Orgasms improve sleep quality

There are many reasons why getting an O may lead directly to getting more Zzz’s. Firstly, the sleep-inducing hormone prolactin is produced during orgasm, plus feelgood oxytocin, responsible for feelings of relaxation and comfort, which make a good night’s sleep more likely. In addition, energetic sex can help tire out your body and get it ready for sleep. Bad sleep quality is responsible for a whole range of health risks, so this is a major health benefit.

9. Getting an orgasm can be a great workout

Exercise that raises your heart rate and makes your breathing faster is an important part of a healthy lifestyle – and yes, that includes vigorous sex: the heart rate during orgasm is approximately the same as when you’re climbing a flight of stairs! The NHS suggests doing at least 75 minutes of this kind of exercise a week – which sounds pretty great to us if you can do it on your back rather than on the treadmill…

OK I’m convinced. So how do I increase my orgasms and get those health benefits?

If you’re already multi-orgasmic, then you don’t need any more advice from us – you’re probably already in your toybox or a partner’s pants (or both). But if orgasms and sexual arousal don’t come so easily to you, you may now be wondering how you can get yourself a bigger dose of Vitamin O in the future.

Our blog is full of orgasm tips for people of all lifestyles and stages. Whether you’re approaching menopause, dealing with premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation, wondering if it’s your dick or the drugs, enjoying orgasms in later life, or perhaps finding you can’t enjoy sex anymore like you used to, we’ve got a post for you. Check out all of our orgasm-related posts here.

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