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How Sex Tech Can Help Us Deal With Social Isolation

Author M.Christian on how sex tech like VR porn and teledildonics can help us deal with social isolation and offer not just a distraction from stress but a unique opportunity for sexual exploration.

A majority of people on this planet are having an extremely tough time of it right now. And this is why it’s important to practice self-care: to be gentle with ourselves; to stay connected to the ones we care about; to take things one day at a time; and to find as much pleasure, little or small, as we can.

Speaking of pleasure, one comfort in these dark days is that we’re in the middle of exciting times for sex tech. From sex dolls to VR porn to ingenious new forms of vibration in sex toys, we’re seeing all kinds of fantastic new products and services that can help us deal with social isolation. With experimentation we can make it less of an imposed sentence and more like a chance to engage in some erotic exploration.

Technology plus innovation equals enjoyment

In recent years the pleasure products industry has developed a truly exciting range of brand new, technologically sophisticated, erotically-charged devices and services that just about anyone can try out.

From ultra-lifelike sexbots and sex dolls (such as those from realdoll) to totally immersive virtual reality games (like Holodexxx), you name your sexual interest and there’s likely to be a company out there creating and selling something that will really turn you on. One area that’s seen some phenomenal technological progress is sex toys. Gone are the days when vibrators and such just… well, vibrated. Now, they can do that plus some other astonishing things.

All you need to do is take a brief gander at some of the toys sold here at Hot Octopuss (hint, hint) to see what I mean: toy after toy that’s designed from the ground up, taking technologies, concepts and materials from outside the adult industry, to provide the greatest amount of sexual pleasure possible. Hot Octopuss’s flagship product, PULSE, for example, uses patented technology from medical science to produce precisely targeted oscillations for the penis. These oscillations are so powerful they can help people with spinal cord injury or post prostate-cancer surgery achieve erection and orgasm – and they’re mind blowing when you don’t have those conditions too.

But that’s just the beginning, for other sex toys are smart as well as sexy. Just look at the products manufactured by Kiiroo. These devices can sync up with each other and interact wirelessly via Bluetooth or wifi. Once two toys are connected, the action of one toy–such as thrusts and so forth–will be transmitted to and then reproduced by another Kiiroo toy.

Are you and your lover in lockdown in different cities, or even countries?  No worries: with a pair of these sex toy wonders you can stay sexually connected no matter the distance.

Looking at Kiiroo’s Onyx+

Picking just one of Kiiroo’s products to talk about is pretty darned challenging but as a great example let’s take a gander at their Onyx+.

This sleeve-type vibrator for the penis-equipped is stylishly elegant, amazingly versatile, totally pleasurable, and is a perfect way to talk about why smart technology like this is just the ticket to explore the fascinating world of sex tech while in social isolation.

As mentioned above, the Onyx+ can easily be paired wirelessly with any other compatible device: just turn it on, link to either your desktop computer or to Kiiroo’s neat Feel Connect app (for Apple’s iOS or Android) then select the other toy to connect to and you’re all set.

But that’s not the only way you can enjoy the Onyx+ (and many similar products): welcome to the world of interactive adult entertainment!

Playing with yourself 

Another cool aspect to sex tech is now it’s not just about the hardware but the software as well, in that there’s now a huge variety of sites that, while a lot of fun on their own, are even better when linked up with one of these new toys.

Keeping with the Onyx+ as an example, though this is true with any other similar toy, you can feel along with whatever erotic video you’re watching and, just like wirelessly connecting two toys together, it’s quite simple.

It’s actually simple in two ways: the first is you can download a video to your personal computer through sites like and then when you play the video your smart sex toy will mirror the action.

The other way is even simpler, as all you need to do is use that Feel Connect app I mentioned. With it, just use your computer to find videos on adult sites like PornHub that have a special Kiiroo QR Code, snap a shot of the code and voila whatever sexy action happens on the screen will be reproduced by your fun new toy.

It certainly is a way to add an extra spark–and then some–to much of your new newfound sexual pleasuring time.

And, guess what, it gets even better: as this is 2020 why not try your new sex tech toy with the added immersion of VR porn?

Virtual reality pleasures – VR porn and Oculus Rift

Here’s the thing about VR porn: while high-end rigs like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive can sometimes set you back thousands of dollars there’s a much more affordable way to try out this new technology.

For as little as $10, or even less in some cases, you can pick up a headset that works with your average smartphone.  Sure, it’s not going to be in 4K or have all those state-of-the-art bells and whistles like Oculus Rift, but it can still be just the thing to give you a great sample of all the virtual reality porn that’s out there.

And “all” is an understatement, as more and more adult entertainment portals are now offering quite massive amounts of VR content for you to enjoy.

This is all lots of fun, and very futuristic, but it gets even better because more than a few of those virtual reality videos also come with, you guessed it, those QR Codes I mentioned before: the ones that allow you to match up a video with what your Kiiroo sex toy does.

Which could be just the sex tech to help you deal with social isolation blues by immersing you in an erotic fantasy that, through some amazing devices, you can feel as well as see.

Excited for the future

In a few short years, sex tech has gone from science fiction to something that everyone can try out. We have myriad new erotic tools to turn ourselves on as never before.

But, in the end, this is all just technology. Sure, it’s really cool technology that can add a great deal to our physical pleasuring but don’t forget that, first and foremost, our minds, our imaginations is what lies at the center of our sexuality. And this erotic imagination – and the ways it helps us connect with each other – is what will really get us through this.



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