Erection Problems

Not everyone has the same ability when it comes to getting it up.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy a fulfilling sex life. Pulse III SOLO and DUO are breaking the boundaries of conventional sex lives and intimacy.

Get intimate without getting it up

Our PULSE III SOLO & DUO can easily be used by people who aren’t able to enjoy conventional erections.

Many male sex toys are not suitable for people with erection problems as they require you to be hard. However, the semi-open shape of the PULSE means you can place a flaccid penis into the toy. This allows you to experience pleasure with or without an erection.

Orgasms – no erection required

A key feature of the PULSE III SOLO and DUO is that it can be used flaccid and, because of its clever use of PulsePlate Technology™, does not require the typical up-and-down motion associated with masturbation. Put your flaccid penis into the toy and let the PulsePlate™ take you all the way to orgasm, without the need for an erection.

Take the pressure off penetration

The PULSE III DUO is designed specifically for foreplay rather than penetrative sex. So both men with erection difficulties and women who struggle with penetrative sex can enjoy genital stimulation and emotional closeness without compromise.