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Butt Plugs For Beginners

Butt plugs can be a non-intimidating – and *very* fulfilling – component of anal play. In this article, author Queen P delivers her tried-and-true recommendations for selecting the right plug and lube, as well as tips for getting to know your new best friend.


Butt Plugs! So many different sizes & shapes, colors & weights! Using butt plugs during any type of sexual exploration is a great introduction to anal play. You can plug your butt by yourself, when you’re in public, during intercourse, masturbation, the whole lot of it! Butt plugs can create the wonderful sensation of fullness, so if you’re curious about incorporating these sexy stimulators into your bedroom routine, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Pick Out the Right Plug

Picking out the right plug may seem intimidating – there are so many options/sizes/colors etc. Use this guide to help figure out which plug is best suited for you.


If you’re brand new to the butt plug game, smaller is safer. Plugs are fairly cheap, so purchase a small one to begin with and go from there. Some brands sell plugs in sets of three, ranging from small to large, so sets are also ideal for beginners.


side of stainless steel butt plugStay safe and choose one made of silicone, stainless steel, or glass. Rubber or jelly are not recommended, as they are porous. Using plugs or toys that are made with porous materials can create hotbeds of bacteria from your GI tract. Stainless steel plugs have a nice weight to them and can be put in cold or warm water before a session for some extra special temperature play.


Butt plugs should have a tapered shape and a flared base. The flared base is necessary to keep the plug from heading straight up your ass, into the land of no return, which in turn might require an unwanted trip to the hospital. Long, slender plugs can be used when trying to ready the ass for anal play. Shorter, more teardrop-shaped ones can be used during masturbation or penetrative sex. Some butt plugs are specifically meant for prostates and shaped to hit that P-spot we all know and love and shaped to hit that P-spot we all know and love.

To Vibe or Not to Vibe

Isn’t that always the question? Vibrating butt plugs obviously create more of a stimulating sensation in your anus, although if you’re new to anal play, the vibes could throw you off. Start with the vibrator off and get used to how it feels touching the plug to your ass and once you’re ready to insert, turn it on. The vibration helps relax the sphincter muscle and makes it easier for insertion.

How Should I Use It?

You can use butt plugs at any time: during masturbation, partnered play, at the store, around your house, wherever! Begin by incorporating it into your solo play, so you can get used to the sensations and figure out what your needs might be during partnered play. You can use them as a warm-up for anal penetration, working your way up with a training or stretching set.

How long should I use the plug for?

Butt plugs can be worn for any length of time. Insert accordingly and keep it in for 10-20 minutes to start. Your sphincter muscles will start to relax and adjust themselves around the plug. With each use, lengthen the time you keep it in, moving from 15-20 minutes to an hour and so on. Some advanced users keep butt plugs in while they go grocery shopping, take an office meeting or at night while they’re sleeping.

Butt Plug Tip #1 – Lube it up.

Because the anus does not self-lubricate, lube is one of the most important aspects to any anal play. A thicker silicone-based lube is ideal as it stays slick longer. Although if your plug is silicone, stick to the water-based lube, as silicone lube can break down a silicone toy.

Butt Plug Tip #2 – Foreplay is everything.

If a partner is warming you up, a few little pats on the ass will get some blood circulating. From there, grab some lube and start by slowly circling your fingers around the anus and massage the buttocks with your free hand. Get a tongue in on the action if that’s your jam and your partner’s comfortable with it. After a good 5-10 minutes of outward massage, slide a pointer finger into the anus and continue to circle the finger around inside. Add another finger until the anus starts to relax a bit and then insert the plug.

Butt Plug Tip #3 – Use Them Shamelessly!

Leave the shame at the front door and open yourself up to the new world that is anal play! Using a butt plug or wanting to explore anal play is a totally normal part of sex, regardless of your gender. Bring it up with your partner and shop together online for a toy that will fit both of your plugging needs!


Anal play has so many tricks, terms and toys and butt plugs are just the start! Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of Hot Octopuss’ flagship anal toy – with Treble & Bass Technology! Until then, happy plugging!

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