Erectile Dysfunction Sex Aids: Then and Now

20 September 2021

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From evil spirits to impotence ‘courts’, history has some very strange tales to tell about erectile dysfunction. Luckily these days doctors have a good understanding of the causes of ED as well as how to treat it. There are also sex toys – like the PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL – which can be used by men with erectile dysfunction, helping them to orgasm even when flaccid.

But it wasn’t always like this – we delved into the history books to find some of the weirdest responses to erectile dysfunction.

Ancient Egyptians and erectile dysfunction

Spend enough time reading the history of medicine and you’ll become familiar with the ‘evil’ diagnosis: any medical issue or illness has at some point been attributed to witches/the devil/a curse – you name it. Many ancient Egyptians believed that erectile dysfunction was the result of an evil spirit. So what tricks and sex aids did they employ to get rid of it?

A paper published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2004 covers some of the fascinating remedies used by Egyptians at the time. Recipes for counter-spells were common (after all, if someone’s put a curse on you what better revenge than to chuck the curse right back?), and often ‘worked’ through concoctions which were applied directly to the penis. The penis was then bandaged – we hope not too tightly.

Impotence in the Middle Ages

Sadly the middle-ages weren’t much more helpful for guys with ED. According to historians, people in the middle ages were using a similar twist on the ‘evil’ explanation. In the records of sorcery and witchcraft trials there are numerous examples of men citing their impotence as evidence that someone had put a curse on them.

So how did medieval guys get the curse off? Our favourite bizarre solution is cited in ‘Magic and Impotence in the Middle Ages’ by Catherine Ryder:

“In the early-modern period, one cure for magically-caused impotence was for the man to urinate through the keyhole of the church where he was married.”

The least effective erectile dysfunction solution

If there were an award for the least effective way to deal with erectile dysfunction, then it should surely go to the French ‘impotence courts’ of the 16th and 17th centuries. During this time, divorce wasn’t sanctioned by the church, but a wife could get a marriage annulment on the grounds of impotence. It’s not so much a cure as a nightmare wrapped in yet another nightmare: men were often compelled to ‘perform’ in front of church officials in order to prevent the annulment of their marriages.

The Smartset describes it as follows:

“The married couple were examined by the court to make sure they were not concealing any devices — men were known to smuggle tiny vials of blood onto the scene, which would fool observers into thinking that the wife’s maidenhead had been taken without actual penetration — then ordered to the conjugal bed. The male surgeons and priests repaired behind a partition to enjoy discreet observation, while the female midwives perched by the pillows watching every move like hawks.”

Erectile dysfunction sex aids: then and now

Luckily for our generation, we have a much better understanding of erectile dysfunction – the causes (which can be physical and/or psychological) as well as treatments and sex aids that actually work.

If you’re concerned about erectile dysfunction, speak to your doctor. They can identify whether your ED is related to other important health issues can talk to you about some of the (far more effective) modern-day treatments for erectile dysfunction.

You can also explore erectile dysfunction sex aids that can help you maintain a full and active sex life – whether on your own or with a partner. PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL has been recommended to men with erectile dysfunction by a number of experts: its unique PulsePlate™ sends deep, oscillating vibrations through the penis, and it can be used either flaccid or erect.

Patrick Lumbroso, Sexual Health Psychologist and Director of Psychology Services at Australia’s Life After Prostate Cancer/MindFocus clinic explained the significance of PULSE for men with erectile dysfunction:

“Erectile dysfunction is an incredibly serious issue facing men all over the world. PULSE can now provide something to many couples that previously had been either extremely difficult, or near impossible. With PULSE, men with severe ED and their partners can receive both simultaneous genital stimulation and emotional closeness. PULSE is so much more than an ‘adult toy’. In my opinion, it is a truly revolutionary adult sexual health device.”

Sounds interesting? Check out our customer testimonials or pick up PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL and try it for yourself.

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