Halloween’s Top Sex Scenes In Horror Movies

13 October 2023

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Top Sex Scenes in Horror Movies – There’s a famous psychological experiment which explored the link between fear and sexual arousal. A female researcher stood on two different bridges – one a scary, wobbly suspension bridge and the other a much more solid bridge, which wouldn’t induce fear responses when people walked across. As part of the experiment asked passing men to complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire itself was a red herring – after the experiment she gave the guys her phone number and a flirty line, asking them to call her if they wanted to find out more about the experiment. What do you know? The people who’d met her during a more stressful time – on the wobbly bridge – were significantly more likely to call.

So: fear and arousal. They’re linked in our minds, even where they maybe shouldn’t be. Given this though, is it any wonder that there are so many sexy scenes in horror movies? It might seem weird to have nudity one minute and gore the next, but our brains put these things together. So, bearing that in mind, here are some of the hottest horror movie sex scenes, just for you on Halloween.

The Hunger

With an incredible cast of David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon, this 1983 film was inevitably going to be sexy. When we asked for people’s recommendations for horror sex scenes on Twitter, this was one of the most frequently recommended. And watching this smoking hot scene by two of the leading characters, it’s not hard to see why.

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Gone Girl

While it’s technically more of a thriller than a horror, Gone Girl’s infamous sex scene is certainly worthy of a ‘gore’ prize. If you haven’t seen it, skip below to avoid spoilers, but apparently the scene took a whopping 36 takes to create. And thanks to the sheer volume of blood, the actors also made their way through 36 sets of crisp white bed sheets.

Watch the scene here.

An American Werewolf in London

Although the sex scene in this classic horror movie comes highly recommended, looking at this classic film with a modern eye, the nudity seems very touching and cute – quite a change of pace from some of the more intense sex scenes on our list, so get stuck in if you’re the romantic type.

We could only find an XHamster link to the scene, so be aware before you click through that the whole site is NSFW.

Don’t Look Now

Another scene that came highly recommended on Twitter – Don’t Look Now’s sex scene between Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland was listed by CineFix as the best sex scene of all time.

Jennifer’s body

Spoiler alert: Jennifer is evil. She’s possessed by a demon. She isn’t really the kind of person you want to mess with. On the up side, though, she’s a demon whose modus operandi involves seducing people before she kills them, so at least her victims die happy. It’s a typical teen horror movie, featuring Amanda Seyfried kissing Megan Fox, so it’s probably been watched at many, many Halloween sleepovers.

The Cabin in the Woods

While we’re on the subject of teen horror movies, one of the more recent classics is Cabin in the Woods, which takes a bizarre sci-fi twist on the typical ‘teenagers go somewhere remote and then get eaten by monsters’ theme. Sex scenes in horror movies are most frequently used to put the characters in a deeply vulnerable position before the nightmare descends, and The Cabin in the Woods’ woodland make out is no different.


Willem Dafoe's butt while having sex near some tree roots in the Antichrist movie. OK, hands up: we haven’t actually watched this horror movie, we were just recommended the prologue based on the fact that it’s very explicit. It also has a spooky classical music soundtrack and is shot in black and white, so you know the entire film will probably be classy as well as scary. It’s quite hard to find sex scene clips from this controversial film (which by the way has been banned in a number of countries.) So this artistic depiction of Willem Dafoe's derriere will have to do.

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Halloween Horror: Make Your Own Sex Scenes

Of course, there are plenty more sexy scenes in horror – and thriller – films. Our selection is just here to get you started. So whether you’re off to a Halloween party as a sexy vampire, planning a night in with the lights off trying to avoid trick-or-treaters, or a sexy evening with your partner and a PULSE DUO LUX, you probably have your own ideas about the best ways to combine fear and arousal.

Whatever you’re doing, remember: even if you’re scared it’s only a bit of fun.

Or is it?

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