Solo & Couple Players – Here is Why You Must Buy a Sex Toy This Valentine's Day

By M.Christian | 18 January 2022

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Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, heart-shaped cards, heart-shaped pillows, heart-shaped beds … February 14th is full of oh-so-very romantic gestures to demonstrate how much you love that special someone in your life.

Or "someones" if you're non-monogamous. Or "yourself" as love should always begin with YOU.

Sweets, gifts, dining out, and the other Valentine's Day staples are fine and dandy, but why not give yourself or your sweetie(s) something that'll put a smile on everyone's face, including your own?

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Why Valentines Is The Best Time To Buy Toys For Self/Partner

For some folks, Valentine's Day is giggles and tender kisses.

However, between trying to find the perfect gift, not knowing how to express their affection, trying to juggle multiple partners, or as an unattached person feeling left out, why not replacing or supplementing roses and stuffed animals for gifts that keep on giving … orgasms?

Don't know how to show your love--particularly when the holiday's red velvet everything seems far too tame, boring, cliché? Want to show your significant others how passionately you feel about them? Looking to treat yourself to something special and hot? You are in the right place.

Well, you can't go wrong with sex toys--and beyond from an outside-the-box Valentine's gift, they're a fun, fantastic, and fulfilling method for you and the people or person you love to open an entirely new world of sexual pleasures--and change your love life for the better!

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How A Sex Toy Can Improve Your Sex Life

Be it food, books, movies, songs, or places to visit, we discover new likes by trying.

When it comes to sex, a sure-fire method is to allow yourself to indulge in some erotic exploration. The problem is this ain't exactly easy to do when you're in a relationship or don't happen to be in one.

And a great solution to expanding your sexual horizons is by treating yourself to a sex toy. Or more than one, as the case may be.

For couples, as we all need a little spice now and again, they can bring something extra to lovemaking--and if you shop for them together, the process can teach you both a lot about negotiation, asking for what you want, respecting each other's sexual needs, and may also reveal other intimate activities you may not have otherwise considered.

For yourself, few things can beat masturbation for erotic empowerment, stress reduction, and, most of all, self-love.

If your erotic juices are flowing at the prospect of livening up your Cupidic celebration, instead of unexpectedly springing a vibrator or such on your sweetie, discuss the idea with them first.

Our series on understanding when--and occasionally when not--to buy someone a sex toy is an amazing place to start. Packed full of helpful information, part one of How To Buy A Sex Toy For Your Partner is here, with the second found by clicking this link.

One effective tool for sharing in the fun is to have both of you write down the make or models you're interested in, then each picks one from the list to give to the other. This way, there are no surprises, and by selecting a specific toy, a partner would be able to share how they want to join in on the fun.

Single folks can play the game as well: plucking from a random, yet intriguing, list of sex toys, so the holiday will be thrilling as well as arousing.

For an even more thoughtful and, dare I say it, entertaining look at sex toys and Valentine's Day, check out Cosmopolitan's Why a Sex Toy Starter Pack Is the Best Valentine's Gift.

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Best Sex Toys For Solo Players To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Famed for their flexibility, ability to stimulate the erect or non-erect alike, and their powerful yet pleasurable power, nothing beats the Pulse line of Guybrators for people equipped with a penis.

And in a Valentine's Day celebration of love, passion, romance for yourself and others, many of our other sex toys are on sale!

Single players will especially enjoy our Pulse Solo Essential: a palm-sized delight ideal for enhancing your pleasurable masturbation activities or lay back and let it work its vibrational goodness on you, 100% hand's free.

If you're lusting over the futuristically exciting world of sextech, where controlling your Pulse is a mere smartphone app away, then our Pulse Solo Interactive may be what you've been waiting for.

With the Android or iPhone FeelConnect app, you can fine-tune practically everything about this version of our Pulse, create and share customized vibration playlists, have it respond to your favorite song, or feel the action in certain adult videos or games.

And suppose you and your partner can't be together on Valentine's Day. In that case, you can set up your Pulse Solo Interactive, so someone else can take control of it, or if they have a compatible sex toy, where whatever happens to one toy is transmitted to the other and vice versa.

Already tremendously popular for prolonging or aiding in maintaining an erection and reducing sensitivity and therefore help control when the wearer orgasms, we've given cock rings the Hot Octopuss magic touch with our hands-free JETT vibrator.

Or I should say vibrators since the Jet comes with a pair you can swap out to increase or decrease its intensity--and, if you'd prefer, take them out and to your JETT as just a cock ring.

With its handy remote, the Jett is ideal for solo players or couple play--for Valentine's or any other time.

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How Couples Can Experiment With New Toys To Celebrate:

If you're able to share the holiday with someone else, we've got you covered with Atom Plus.

Another take on cock rings, but this time with an integrated and remarkably potent vibrator, with an Atom Plus, couples have all they need to sexually frolic to their heart's content--and due to its neat little wireless remote, one can take the reins while the other's on the receiving end of it's quality sex toy goodness.

If the idea of giving and simultaneously getting those good vibrations sound great, our Pulse Duo Lux comes with a set of two wrist-mounted controllers, allowing the person using the Pulse as well as their partner to control the action.

Remember our Pulse Solo Interactive and how we designed it so a pair of lovers can get turned on with it no matter the miles between them?

Well, with our Pulse Solo Interactive Dual Penis Pack, you can really share the fun because, with it, we ship you a pair of our excellently made toys so you and whoever you're playing with can enjoy them together.

And if you don't live close to each other, by choosing our Pulse Solo Interactive Gay Couples Pack, we'll do the job of sending one to you and the other to anyone, anywhere, so both of you can share in all that long-distance sex toy pleasuring.

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Have A Day Filled With Love

Spent with yourself, someone or many someone's you care about--whether or not with candy, flowers, jewellery, a visit to a luxurious spa or hotel, or all those other Valentine's Day experiences--when February 14th rolls around, we hope it'll be jam-packed with tenderness, laughter, passion, sweet tears, and boundless affection.

And please think about all the good that might happen if you add fooling around with a sex toy or two.

Who knows, they could even take what used to be a day where card companies, chocolatiers, florists, and restaurant owners were guaranteed to have a good time--while the rest of us merely hoped we'd escape with our ego or relationships intact--into a sexually adventurous celebration.

Which might continue for days, weeks, or years after!

Check out Hot Octopuss's Valentines Deals now.

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