How To Introduce Couples Sex Toys

14 September 2021

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One of the most common questions asked – not just about couples sex toys but about kink, or fetish, or anything you might be nervous introducing to your partner – is just how you start that chat. What do you say? And how do you make sure you’re not scaring your partner off?

If you’re keen to try couples sex toys with your other half, but you’re not sure how to start that conversation, here are our top tips.

Shop for couples sex toys together

This is a nice, easy one to start off with. Sitting down together in front of a laptop and your favourite sex toy website means you have time to browse, chat, compare, and most importantly – find out what each of you is looking for in a couples sex toy. Ask your partner questions, make suggestions, and listen to what they want. Do they need vibration? Something that can be used in the shower? Are they a power king/queen or do they want something with a range of different settings?

Watch porn together

Porn – if your partner is into it – is a great way to get new ideas and spark a conversation. While you might feel uncomfortable jumping into a chat with ‘I think we should try couples sex toys’ it’s often much easier to get inspiration from the screen: ‘hey, we should get one of those for the bedroom!’

Send them a link to couples sex toy reviews

Similar to the porn scenario, this is a good way to inspire your partner. And the good news is there are some fantastic sex toy reviewers out there who’ve already done the hard work of testing, summarising and recommending the best couples sex toys out there. A few of our favourite sex toy reviewers are below – all of them have put couples sex toys through their paces (and all of them have reviewed PULSE DUO – just in case, you know, you were thinking of buying one yourself).

Cara Sutra, The Big Gay Review and Gritty Woman

Ask for their sex toy fantasies

Sometimes asking questions is much easier than telling a story – it’s why most sexy phone chats start with ‘what are you wearing?’ rather than ‘I’m sitting here in my pants.’ If you’re not sure how to start the conversation about couples sex toys, why not ask your partner for their sexy fantasies? You’re not under any obligation to act them out if they don’t float your boat, of course, but sometimes just chatting can get you both in the mood – and help you get up the courage to pop the question.

No, not that question: the ‘shall we buy a sex toy for both of us?’ one.

Ask for a couples sex toy for your birthday

Just put this one in here because we like presents. And after all, it’s always nice to give someone a gift that’s really a gift for both of you – right?

Couples sex toys: what not to do

Surprise them. Yeah, surprises are nice, but in the bedroom they can amount to undue pressure, and you may end up making your other half feel awkward. What’s more, if you surprise someone you take away the anticipation and build up: far more fun to let them in on the secret, so they have time to build excitement and plan all the ways you’re going to use couples sex toys together…

Starting the ‘couples sex toys’ conversation

Reckon you’re ready to get started? If you still need a bit of a nudge, we’ll help you out – PULSE DUO is an innovative couples vibrator, so it’s a great conversation starter when you’re thinking of bringing couples sex toys into the bedroom. Send them the link, ask for their opinion, and congratulations! You’ve started a conversation that could lead to the best sex of your life.

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