Prostate Stimulation For Newbies

14 September 2021

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Prostate stimulation can provide loads of pleasure for men and other AMAB folx. This hot button offers a satisfying solution for those with erectile dysfunction and for penis owners determined to crack the nut of multiple orgasms. Check out this article by Queen P for beginner-friendly tips and tricks that will set you up for butt stuff bliss.


Are you new to anal play? Are you wanting to experience amazing full-body orgasms? Do you have a prostate? You’ve cum to the right place! We’re here to talk about the what, why, and how of prostate stimulation.

How to Find the Prostate

The male G-spot, the P-spot, whatever you want to call it, is a walnut-sized gland located just below the bladder. All AMAB folx have this and it is responsible for producing some of the most intense orgasms a penis owner can have. Its primary function is to aid in reproduction, by producing seminal fluid and helping sperm live long and prosper after they’re propelled from the penis.

The prostate can be found in one of two ways: internally and externally. To access the prostate internally, you must head in through the anus, about one knuckle deep or around two inches, depending on the penis-owner. If you’re not ready to dive into anal, you can stimulate the prostate externally by locating the taint, the strip of skin running between the underside of the balls and the rectum. By pressing or massaging the area you can locate the prostate which feels like a soft, walnut-sized lump.

Benefits of Prostate Stimulation

The male G-spot got its name because it contains an enormous amount of nerve endings, making it extremely sensitive. Many of those who have prostate orgasms experience intense full-body sensations and little-to-no refractory period or downtime. That means anal play can enable penis owners to have multiple climaxes, something uncommon with regular penile orgasms.

Prostate stimulation can offer a solution to folx who struggle with erectile dysfunction. According to Healthline, massaging the prostate can help to interrupt infections and eliminate blocked fluids that might be causing ED. Massage of the prostate for sexual pleasure is referred to as prostate milking and involves the secretion of a milky fluid from the penis. Prostate fluid is just one component of semen and milking the prostate doesn’t always come with orgasm or full-on ejaculation.

Tips for Best Prostate Practices

Whether you’re stimulating internally or externally, here’s how to get started.


The giving partner should wash their hands, trim their fingernails and take barrier protection if desired. The skin in the anus is delicate so trimming or filing fingernails is highly recommended, not to mention a sharp fingernail in your butt doesn’t feel that great. If you have nails that you don’t want to trim, a finger condom or glove is ideal.

The receiving partner should attempt to empty their bowels as well as their bladder before prostate play begins. Prostate massage can put pressure on the bladder, creating the sensation that you have to urinate. If entering through the anus, it helps to have an empty bowel because, you know, shit happens. When playing with these areas, bodily sensations may interfere with your arousal, so knowing that you’re empty and in the clear can help to make pleasure your main focus.


When exploring the nether regions for the first, fifth, or tenth time, foreplay is always needed. A sexy shower, to make sure you’re both nice and clean, is a great way to get those juices flowing. Light some candles, play some music, watch some porn, make it a P-spot party! When aroused, the prostate engorges with blood and becomes enlarged, making it easier to locate.

The Action

Lube up! Lube up your hands, the penis, the underside of the penis, the anus, you name it – it needs lube. Starting off with a few techniques listed below makes a great jumping-off point, but ultimately you’ll need to adjust rhythm and motion according to the penis owner.

Come Hither Motion

When experimenting with internal prostate stim, you can insert a well-lubed index finger into the anus and curl the finger towards the belly button, in a come hither motion. Start slow and increase the speed as pleasure builds.


When stimulating the prostate externally, firmly pressing on the gland will bring about tons of delight. Press on the prostate like you would a doorbell, using shorter or longer intervals. Combine this with stroking the penis at the same time and you’re in for a world of pleasure! Hot Tip: stroke the penis with your hand while using your tongue to press on the prostate. If your tongue gets tired, use your chin for effortless pressure.


Circle the prostate externally by running the pad of your finger around the perimeter of the gland. Gently use a circular motion to ramp up the intensity and increase the speed or width of the circle as you see fit.


Toys are always a good idea when exploring new parts of the body. DiGiT from Hot Octopuss is a subtle, unobtrusive, wearable finger vibe that turns your finger into a rumbly orgasm machine! Vibration on the prostate can be saved for the finale because the penis owner won’t likely have much left after DiGiT has done its job.


Now that you’re ready to stimulate a prostate, whether it be your own or someone else’s, you have an arsenal of tips at the ready. Prostate stimulation comes in all shapes and sizes, so if one method doesn’t work, start from scratch and try again!

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