Anal Sex – Here’s Absolutely Everything You Need to Know

25 January 2022

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So you’ve heard about anal play and you even got curious a bit, but people say all kinds of things about anal play, and those are not too appealing. Let’s get some myths out of the way to make you more comfortable!

Myths debunked

Myth #1 - It hurts, and that’s normal:

Hell no! If done properly it should not hurt at all. A slight discomfort at first can be okay, but as you get more experienced, even the discomfort is going to disappear. Make sure to go slow! You’ll need to warm up and it might take a bit longer than with other, more regularly used orifices. Apply lots of lube, relax and breathe. If none of those help, don’t worry, just take a break and try again at a different time. There’s no rush and it’s totally okay to not be ready all the time.

Myth #2 - You should use a numbing cream/lube:

Absolutely not! All you achieve by that is losing out on the sensations you should enjoy and also numbing any kind of pain that would signal you should stop. Even though getting injured might not hurt while doing it being numb, it is definitely going to hurt after the numbness goes away. You want to avoid getting hurt, not just avoid feeling it when it happens!

Myth #3 - Pegging is only good for the receiver:

Not at all. Sex is so much more than physical sensations! The giver can experience all kinds of pleasure from being in a more dominant position, to simply being able to watch from the perspective of the giver. Also lots of strap-on harnesses have small pockets for vibrators, or have dildos pointing towards the giver too, so they can also enjoy some amazing physical stimulation!

Myth #4 - Only men enjoy it:

Any person regardless of gender can enjoy anal sex. You don't need a prostate to be able to orgasm from anal sex, especially if there are other areas being stimulated as well (e.g. clitoris). Anal penetration for vulva owners can stimulate the area around the G spot, and it can lead to some really intense orgasms.

Myth #5 - It will cause you permanent damage, incontinence, prolapse, etc.

Any kind of sex can injur you if done improperly. You can cause damage if you have vaginal dryness and you don't use lube during intercourse. You can injure your throat with a large penis. If you're going slow, prepare the right way, the only permanent thing should be fun memories!

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Some common mistakes

Anal play can be extremely fun. There’s lots of room for mistakes that you should try to avoid though. Those can turn into fun memories too eventually, but it might be easier to just avoid them in the first place.

  • Forgetting to clean your toy

Imagine finishing a steaming hot play session with your favorite anal toy like the PleX with Flex. Sweat dripping from your forehead, your heart is still pumping fast, you’re gasping for air. As you come down from those intense heights the image of a nice hot shower starts to appear in front of you and you head straight to the bathroom. The soft touch of the towel caresses your skin after you get out from under the shower, and you’re just craving some snacks. There’s also a new episode of your favorite show! Life is perfect. You might even fall asleep on the couch a bit. So nice, isn’t it? Can you guess what you’ve missed? Yepp, your poor toy is still waiting in your bedroom. It’s also craving that nice hot shower but you totally forgot that. Cleaning dried lube and bodily fluids off a toy is so much harder than cleaning it right away. Leaving it dirty for a prolonged time can also damage the material. The simplest thing is to take your toy with you and clean it while you shower.

  • Locking it away in an airtight container

When it comes to silicone anal toys, the bond between the oil-soluble odors and the silicone can be pretty strong so even if you cleaned and disinfected your toy perfectly they might still smell…. well… used. If your first instinct is to lock them away in an airtight container, or ziplock bag, don’t! You’ll just trap the odors with the toy and set yourself up for a nasty surprise when you open the bag / container next time. Put the toy in a well ventilated, dry, dark place and simply let it air out. Even after the worst accident, your toy should be good as new in a week or so at most.

  • Going too fast

You might be super excited as you feel your toy or partner almost being fully inside you. If you’re impatient at that point and pull your partner all the way, or give your toy a stronger push to finally get it fully inside, you could cause some unwanted pain shutting down the pleasure you’ve been so carefully building up until that point! Patience and going slow is key here, so don’t rush things. Be in the present and enjoy every step of the process, not just the ending! Feeling your anus slowly relax and stretch and feeling every inch of your partner or toy slowly entering you is extremely hot so don’t miss out on all those details by focusing too much on the outcome!

  • Not using enough lube

Don’t be shy when it comes to lube. So what if the bedsheet is going to get covered in lube? So what if you’ll be leaking lube an hour after your play session? It’s much better than realizing you should’ve applied a bit more! Pro tip: after playing, spend 5 minutes sitting on the loo relaxing before hitting the shower. Even if you do that, it’s still possible some lube will drip out a bit later, so be prepared for that. Trusting a fart is always risky business, but especially now, so maybe avoid going out in public in just tight white pants and no underwear. Also depending on the type of lube, you might need to re-apply during play so just listen to your body and if the friction starts to feel intense, take a pause and add some more!

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Tips for anal orgasms

Anal orgasms can be breath takingly, earth shakingly intense! If you’re a penis and prostate owner, you can ejaculate from prostate stimulation and almost right after release a second load from stroking your penis. This does take practice and it doesn’t always work out, but is definitely worth experimenting with! Start by stimulating your prostate and stroking at the same time. At first your orgasm is going to be caused almost fully by the stroking, and the anal stimulation is just going to be a nice addition. With more experience, as you get closer you can intentionally decrease the intensity of stroking and focus more on prostate play. Eventually you’ll be able to go fully hands free for your orgasm. Fun tip: after or during ejaculating from prostate play resume stroking and see if you can get off a second time like that. Keeping prostate stimulation up is optional here. The same tips can be applied to vagina and clitoris owners. Here instead of stroking you’ll be stimulating your clitoris and instead of the prostate you’ll stimulate the G-spot area.

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Why it’s not only for gay men

Not only gay men have prostates so you'll have the exact same stimulation regardless of your sexual orientation. People with vaginas and no prostate can also enjoy anal play because the anus is extremely densely packed with nerve endings and stimulating it can be very pleasurable. Also with the right angle anal penetration can stimulate the area around the G-spot. Physical sensations aside, the excitement from trying something new or doing something that you haven’t done so often can be rewarding by itself!

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Introduce toys into your play sessions like PleX with Flex

Toys can be a great addition to your anal play sessions! They come in so many shapes, sizes and colours! Some vibrate, some thrust, some just look so cool! If you’re just starting out or already are a seasoned anal player, PleX with Flex with it’s Treble and Bass technology will surely be a very fun addition to your play sessions!

Quote - an incredible product that hits all the right spots and brings earth-shattering orgasms

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