What Will Define The Best Sex Toys 2016?

14 September 2021

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It used to be the case that sex toys were considered worthwhile if they got you off. A useful trick, sure, but a pretty low bar to set. When few people bought vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and the like, the main thing they were looking for was a nice change from the way they’d usually masturbate. Not any more though. We’re getting more discerning in our sex toy tastes, and it’s no longer good enough for something to just ‘do the trick’ – it needs to be worth splashing out on to add to your sex toy drawer.

So what features does a toy need in order to be one of the best sex toys of 2016? Here’s what we think.

Best Sex Toys of 2016: Innovative

Let’s start with the most fun one: sex toys are no longer made just to replicate what your average human genitals can do. They want to push the boundaries, and bring new sensations into your bedroom that you may not have experienced before. Toys such as the Doxy wand introduce power – providing more intense, rumbling vibrations than other vibes on the market. Toys like PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL use oscillations rather than vibrations to give you a unique sensation that can’t be recreated with a simple vibrating bullet or cock ring.

Best Sex Toys of 2016: Easy to use

This one should go without saying, but sadly it doesn’t, as there are plenty of products on the market that have fiddly buttons or which are tricky to control if your hands are covered in lube. It’s no good having a million special features if you can’t make the most of them in the height of passion.

On top of this, though, there’s the fact that not everyone can use sex toys in the same way. People with limited manual dexterity might find smaller buttons difficult to use, and others with limited mobility may struggle to get the toy on – or off when they’re finished. Check out the amazing guest blog from Andrew Gurza about his adventures with PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL – it’s one of very few toys that he can use because he has very limited mobility. PULSE was inspired by a medical tool which aimed to induce orgasm in men with spinal injuries, so it can also be used by people who wouldn’t be able to use masturbators such as Fleshlight.

Best Sex Toys of 2016: Waterproof and rechargeable

This follows on from ease of use, but practicality in terms of cleaning and charging is a big deal too. Although the cheaper end of the market is still filled with toys that need replacement batteries every now and then, toys such as PULSE are both rechargeable and waterproof – meaning you can take them into the shower, then charge them up when you’ve had your fun.

Best Sex Toys of 2016: Beautiful

While some people have specific kinks that can only be satisfied by a ‘flesh-like’ sex toy, more are coming around to the idea that sex toys don’t have to look like part of someone’s anatomy. Our PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL has been described as looking like ‘Darth Vader’s helmet’, ‘a stingray’, ‘something from Batman’s toolbelt’ and many other cool things besides. One of the key criteria for the best sex toys of 2016 will be whether you’re as comfortable looking at them on your bedside table as you are rubbing them against your junk.

It’s no longer good enough to just get you off – sex toys need to turn you on visually too.

So what are you looking for in the best sex toys of 2016? What are the things you think about first when you’re browsing – quality? Price? Innovation? Or do you wait for reviewers to shout about something cool, and take the lead from them? One thing is for sure – in 2016 we’re a demanding crowd, and we won’t settle for anything less than a sex toy that’s genuinely exciting.

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