Pocket PULSE Reviewers Say YEEESSS!

20 September 2021

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We sent out our first batch of Pocket PULSE Remote review toys just before Christmas… and we’ve been on the edge of our seats ever since, waiting for the reviews to come in. Well, we’ve now had the first three and we’re delighted to say the verdict so far has been unanimously positive. Check out these extracts from Bondage God, Emmeline Peaches and Candysnatch:

‘Kind of like a super charged wank’ – Candy Snatch

“Starting with a low vibration setting my playmate found the sensation had him rock hard in a very short period. The vibration against his frenulum was very intense and had him making audible sounds of pleasure. This is one of the clever things which sets the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse and other Pulse devices apart from other masturbation devices. You don’t need to be fully erect to use them.

“The difference between the lowest and highest settings is huge and this gave us lots of scope to increase the sensation and play. I had great fun edging him for ages using the remote. Watching him for clues as to how close he was before dialling it back again. At the top level the vibration is very strong and on this setting, he climaxed very quickly, much to his surprise… He described the feeling to me as very similar to have the Doxy held against him, but with the added stimulation of the stroking. Kind of like a super charged wank.”

‘The climaxes were strong and sensitive’ – Emmeline Peaches

“My tester agreed with my appraisal that the vibrations were intense, but they took pleasure in experiencing them, and finding new ways to discover their body. The climaxes were strong and sensitive, although shorter-lived than they expected. This didn’t change the degree of pleasure they experienced but it was surprising for them, as usually they get a longer ride from the point of coming. What they did find, on the other hand, was that the point building up to climax increased in intensity and enjoyment, again, creating a different type of play sensation for them…

“My experiences with the Pocket Pulse were equally pleasurable though, as you might imagine, I got less intensity from the toy and was able to maneuver and pull it away from my body as I wished when going solo, which was actually a pretty fun way to experience this toy.”

Read the full review here.

“Pure unadulterated pleasure” – Bondage God

“As I begin slowly working the pulse directly over the head of my penis, the arm perfectly provides an ideal stroking motion as I can feel my stimulation levels building, as I combine this with firmly pressing the Pulse into my penis to experience a greater feel of the powerful duel motors, the vibrations create a sensitivity that adds to the pleasure I am feeling as I continue working the Pulse I speed up the thrusting. I can feel my climax is edging closer as the pleasure of solely stimulating only the head of my penis brings a different kind of my pleasure. As I reach climax it brings a deep intense orgasm that I can feel myself losing control as an explosive climax is met with a sensitivity that surrounds the head of my penis which is just pure unadulterated pleasure.”

Read the full review here.

We’re really happy that our first reviews have been good, and are looking forward to getting more feedback as further reviews come in. In the meantime, we also wanted to share with you a couple of truly adorable reviews of our other products we’ve had recently:

Meet PULSE’s biggest EVER fan

And finally, we have just been introduced to possibly the biggest fan of PULSE in existence. His reviewer name is The Official Gay Guy, he reviews with the wonderful Angelina Castro on her YouTube channel on behalf of Organic Loven, and he says: ‘I used this and I masturbated like five times in a row… thank the fuck out of Organic Loven… I have never come fucking anybody because fucking doesn’t hit the spot on my dick that makes me come… this ONLY hits that spot on your dick… this thing is spectacular.” Check out the full review below.

Official Gay Guy, your Pocket PULSE is on its way!

And if you’d like PULSE for yourself, you can buy one here.

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