Unusual Sex Toy Tips From Vibrating Wand Fans

7 September 2021

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Vibrating Wand – When we started making sex toys, we quickly learnt that our customers are just as innovative as we are when it comes to exploring pleasure. Every week they send us their unusual sex toy tips, telling us how they turbo-charge their experience with our products.

[he Queen Bee was no exception to this rule. Our vibrating wand toy – our first aimed at customers with vulvas – has turned out to be even more versatile than we realised. And although our wand toy is the only one on the market to use patented oscillating sextech, many of the unusual sex toy tips we’ve received work for other wands too.

So here’s a list of our favourite suggestions for getting the most out of your vibrating wand:

1) Twin your vibrating wand with a dildo

We were proud to receive this tip from sex blogger Girl On The Net. She was one of the first to try the Queen Bee and wrote a piece about how it introduced her to a ‘more conscious, mindful wank’. Her best trick with the Queen Bee is to apply the oscillating PulsePlate to the base of a dildo so the unusual rumbly vibrations can be felt internally as well as externally. She says: “Try the head of the toy angled just below your clit, so one end of the PulsePlate touches the clit and the other adds a little oscillation to the dildo… it’s sooo good!”.

2) Use a butt plug with your vibrating wand

One reviewer suggested using the Queen Bee paired with a butt plug, so the oscillations can again be felt internally. The rapid ‘tapping’ effect of the Queen Bee’s PulsePlate is powerful enough to transmit strong sensation through another toy. This could work with any vibrating wand, of course, although the sensation with a traditional wand vibrator will be different..

While the Queen Bee was designed with vulva owners in mind, this would be a great way for a penis-owner to try oscillations on the prostate – the sensitive gland that can be stimulated most directly via the anus. If you’re a fan of prostate pleasure, pairing the Queen Bee with a butt plug would be a very good way to find out if prostate-targeted oscillations are orgasmic for you. If you do try it – let us know how it goes! Maybe we’ll develop an internal toy that delivers the PulsePlate directly to the G- or P-spot…

3) Get a penis owner on board

One of our team members’ favourite ways of using the Queen Bee is with a partner on board, in missionary position. The oscillations of the PulsePlate on her clit are so strong that her partner can feel them on his penis when he is inside her. “It adds a new dimension to sex for both of us,” she says. “Simultaneous orgasms with the added oscillation certainly make for some powerful climaxes!”

4) Use a labia spreader

This is one of the most unusual sex toy tips we’ve had, and we loved this ingenuity from sex blogger Petra Pan. She found that her vulva shape and the Queen Bee’s head weren’t quite a match. But she happened to have a labia spreader on hand…

She said: “I put the pulse plate on my vulva, it shakes almost violently and feels heavenly; so deep and so powerful. It feels very broad and shakes my whole pussy!.. I find it hard work to hold my somewhat chubby labia open and attempt to connect the plate with my clit, so the first time I used this, I had a brainwave… thought I would use my intimate parts spreader to save my hands. I inserted the spreader and popped the plate back against my vulva, resting it on the spreader’s legs. What an amazing way to stimulate my g-spot! It literally shook the entire spreader which I felt down my labia, inside my pussy and on my g-spot. Wow!”

5) Surrender to the experience

One of our customers initially tried to use the Queen Bee as she would a wand for pinpoint stimulation. She tried to get the head in exactly the right place, as she would for some other toys, but couldn’t hit that perfect spot. She told us: “Then I realised that I don’t need to do that with an oscillating plate. I just need to set it over my clit area and let it do its work. It appeals to my submissive side. I can lie back and surrender to the experience.”

6) Remember vibrating wand toys can be used for all genders and body types

This great tip came from sex blogger A Husband’s Passion. He said: “Let customers know that the Queen Bee can be used for pleasure on all genders and body types. As well as clitoral stimulation it can be used on nipples, scrotum, shaft, and even as a massager”.

Got any unusual sex toy tips of your own?

If you’ve got any unusual sex toy tips of your own let us know in the comments! They could be for using the Queen Bee, any vibrating wand toy, or our other products.

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