Three is the magic number: PULSE III out now!

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We’ll jump straight to the headlines – PULSE III, the latest version of our award-winning sex toy, is out now! Featuring magnetic charging, a turbo function, and much more besides. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to try PULSE, now’s your chance to be one of the first to own the new, improved version.


PULSE is a masturbator like none you’ve ever come across – its unique PulsePlate™ technology oscillates rather than vibrates, sending deep, powerful stimulation from the head of your penis all the way through the shaft.

Fully waterproof and easy to use, PULSE III SOLO wraps around your penis, with the oscillating PulsePlate™ sitting against the sensitive frenulum. Buttons on the side control the speed and strength of the vibrations, stimulating you to an explosive climax.

Alongside these features, the next-generation PULSE also comes with:

  • Magnetic charging – no more messing around with wires
  • Turbo function – jump straight to max power from any starting point
  • Speed/anti-stall sensor – for ease of use


The PULSE III DUO comes with all the features of the SOLO, but is designed for couples’ play – an extra vibrator on the outside of the toy means that two can play at the same time. PULSE III DUO has an improved second motor on the outside – 25% more powerful than the last.

On top of these features, PULSE III DUO also comes with a remote control, so it’s easy to turn up the power even when you’re in the most imaginative positions.

Naturally we’re really excited about the release of the new toys. Our founder, Adam Lewis, said:

“Our mission with the PULSE III Collection is to continue on our journey to improve the sex lives of men, women and couples, the world over. PULSE isn’t just designed to fit nicely in your bedroom drawer, it’s designed to change your life. We’ve been improving people’s sex lives since the original PULSE launch, and I’m confident the new collection will help us to continue doing so.”

Sex toys that everyone can use

As with previous versions of PULSE, both of the new toys can be used either flaccid or erect. This offers a welcome solution for people whose sex lives may be suffering as a result of erectile dysfunction, or for those who have mobility issues which mean that traditional masturbators simply don’t work for them. Check out some of our testimonials.

Want to pick up a next-generation PULSE? You can be one of the first to own PULSE III SOLO or DUO if you buy direct from us now.

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  1. Is there a retail site near Ft Myers Fl that I may purchase the Pulse 2 or 3? Zip code is 33928

  2. admin

    Hi Jim – the PULSE III battery life is the same as that for PULSE II – about 45 minutes of continuous use from full charge. Our customer support team always works very quickly to replace units that are faulty, as we do get the occasional one, but generally speaking there shouldn’t be any problems. Hope that helps!

  3. Jim Davis

    From these comments it sounds as if there may be an issue with battery life on the Pulse III? I’m wondering if I should purchase your Pulse II instead, as I haven’t seen any comments regarding the battery life of that model. Please advise. Thank you.

  4. Dan

    Love the Pulse 3 solo, seriously intense, rock your world, hands free orgasms! I wonder if the next version could be made in such a way that it could run off a mains adapter for extended use? Sometimes the battery runs out of charge before achieving the jackpot lol

  5. admin

    Hi Eric, we’re really sorry to hear you had a problem with PULSE II DUO and would like to hear more about it. Would you email us at so we can look into it? You may have had a faulty unit. Thanks – the team

  6. Eric

    I purchased the Duo and really enjoyed it. But I am super bummed that the battery did not last very long, would love to have this product again but cannot justify it with the cost and short life span. Is there anything you could do to fix this?

  7. admin

    Hi Gordon, thanks for your question. PULSE III is quieter than PULSE II – hope that helps!

  8. Gordon Bane

    Is this Pulse III noisier than Pulse II.
    Hot Octopus is an incredible male masturbator for older men, I’m over 80. but noisy and off-putting when used solo with wife.
    Advice appreciated.

  9. Hey would love to try this out for free

  10. Bonjour.

    Je le veux le solo III.

    Robert Orcaray

  11. Bonjour.
    Vivement intéressé par le solo III.
    Je fais 57 ans le premier novembre,ça serait mon cadeau d’anniversaire.
    Sincères salutations.
    Robert Orcaray

    PS:Je suis domicilié en France,région Aquitaine.

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