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We are proud to launch Pleasure Rebels a podcast sponsored by Hot Octopuss.

Pleasure Rebels is the sex positive podcast for the rebels of the world! Talking all things sex, disability, BDSM, LGBTQIA+, fat pride, senior sex and SHAME-SMASHING sex! Pleasure Rebels is here to ensure you are having your best sex! Talking best sex, worst sex and everything in between!

Join host Kelly Gordon and the ‘Rebels’ for advice, interviews, laughs and information that will revolutionise your approach to pleasure.

New shows released every Wednesday.

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Episode 24 – Latest

What do you know about prosthetic devices in relation to sex? Glenise Kinard-Moore, inventor of the lifestyle product the VDOM, explains how she moved from cyber security to developing the world’s first ever prostheic genital device – the VDOM. From concrete dildos to prosthetic penises, Kelly & Glenise discuss the evolution of the sex tech, how representation has progressed in the industry and what they would like to see changed.

Episode 23

Hot Octopuss will be the first sex toy company at the Naidex convention! Kelly drives home Hot Octopuss’ mission of inclusivity and how incorporating sex into the disability lifestyle is essential at this day and age. Kelly answers listeners’ questions around how to navigate disabilities in sex & new relationships and tells us about her best & worst sex!

Episode 22

Where did the word slut come from? Why aren’t cis-men subjected to the word slut? And how has education around sex & boundaries changed throughout the recent years? Emilie Lavinia, of EKHO Wellbeing, joins the Pleasure Rebels to reclaim the word “slut” and discuss how it was used to classify women’s sexuality, and dismantle this lexicon that has no place in our society now!

Episode 21

Pup Amp from Watts the Safeword joins Pleasure Rebels to talk All Things A**l for the celebratory month of A**l August! Amp shares his first experiences with a**l penetration as well as his journey creating sex education from a queer perspective. Amp & Kelly bust major a**l myths and give tons of tips for cleaning, and easing into your first a**l experience!

Episode 20

Forrest Andrews, Product Development Manager for Aneros, guests on Pleasure Rebels this week to celebrate A**l August! Everything from the history of prostate massage to proper cleaning procedures to techniques & benefits of prostate stimulation, Forrest shares tons of information on the wonder that is the prostate!

Episode 19

Max & Lexi from Off the Cuffs Podcast share what they love most about the kink community: the relationships, the community and the play parties! They explain how they got started in the kink/BDSM scene and give us an insider perspective on munches, kink conferences, BDSM clubs, dungeons & more!

Episode 18

International sexual empowerment coach and crusader of self-love and seduction Katrina Marie joins the Pleasure Rebels this week to discuss using masturbation as a tool for transformational self-care! Katrina explains the “boundary bitch” archetype and how to feel and connect to your internal emotions while diving into your eco-sexuality.

Episode 17

What’s sex after pregnancy and childbirth like? How soon after birth is it safe to have sex and what should you expect from your vagina after giving birth? What body and lifestyle changes come with becoming a mother and being a parent? Lex Barber answers all this and more on this week’s episode of Pleasure Rebels!

Episode 16

Author and Inclusive Sex Educator Vic Liu joins the Pleasure Rebels this week to bust some major masturbation myths! Vic explores the concept of how sex, masturbation and our sexual bodies all look different to one another and all depend on having open, honest conversations with yourself and your partners. She explains how tons of myths around masturbation and self pleasure are based on outdated ideologies – tune in to find out more!

Episode 15

Sex Educator Lisa Welsh joins the Pleasure Rebels to answer tons of sex questions about vulvas, sex toys, orgasms and more! Sex Questions include insight about the way your vulva looks, if your vagina will be the same again after giving birth, and advice on the taste & smell of your vulva.  Lisa also answers questions about orgasms: never having them, what they should feel like and why you might orgasm by yourself and not with a partner.

Episode 14

To kick off Disability Pride month, Elena & Brooke of the Wives and Girlfriends of Spinal Cord Injuries – WAGs of SCI – join the Pleasure Rebels to discuss the what it’s like to transition with a partner that’s suffered from a spinal cord injury. WAGs of SCI talk about how to invite in a new vulnerability with a partner with a spinal cord injury and how to set the scene for sex and the preparation that comes with that.

Episode 13

Multi-award winner and Sexfluencer Scotty Infamous talks about her journey into the sex education industry through her YT channel/videos, her self-published book. Scotty smashes stigmas and stereotypes around sex work and sex educators to make everyone I sexually as free as possible!

Trigger Warning: Scotty discusses the history of the hyper-sexualization of Black men & women through the years of slavery.

Episode 12

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Jessica Oddi – @oddi.jessica

The Disabled Life – @thedisabledlife

Our Host – @mskelgee

Episode 11

Host of Cocktails & Confessions Anthony Gilet confesses it all in this episode of Pleasure Rebels. From a**l sex prep for newbies, advice on topping & bottoming, insight into his porn preferences and his best AND worst sex, Anthony is shameless in his confessions and we are here for it!

Episode 10

Chella Quint joins the Pleasure Rebels this week to have a chat about how her work has evolved from writing a period positive zine to writing & publishing two period positive books – one for children and one for adults. Chella also dives in to debunk some common period myths, as well as discuss how to reframe your mindset when it comes to period sex and talking about menstruation with your partner!

Episode 9

Mik Scarlet joins Kelly Gordon and the Pleasure Rebels to talk about how he learned confidence and resilience through his past life experiences & disability. Mik shares some of the main misconceptions around erectile dysfunction and opens up about how to combat ED by recreating orgasmic zones all over your body, plus using a tool belt of toys & techniques for partnered play.

Episode 8

UK Actress and TV Presenter Samantha Renke joins Kelly Gordon and the Pleasure Rebels to discuss being single with a disability, their similar experiences in secondary school and Sam’s hot nights with Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

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Episode 7

This week’s guest is the amazing and talented Sam Cleasby! Sam joins Pleasure Rebels this week to talk about first orgasms, 2020 sex tallies, and how she keeps the spark alive with chronic illness! Sam dives into how her and her partner have conversations around enjoying each others’ bodies without penetration and what sex REALLY means to her!

Episode 6

Join Kelly, April and Amy on a journey to having completely SHAMELESS SEX! We talk about growing up and sex positivity, shame smashing, sex toys, having crazy “single sex” and even joining the mile high club… and not in the way you would expect!

Episode 5

Jasmine Rankin join Pleasure Rebels to talk about internalized ableism, and having strictly lesbian relationships growing up and how her sexual orientation evolved throughout her life.

Episode 4

CEO & Co-Founder of Hot Octopuss Adam Lewis joins the Pleasure Rebels this week to talk all about how he made a career out of wanking! Adam opens up about his first sensual experiences, being the “Porn King” in boarding school, and how Hot Octopuss came to be!

Episode 3

Explore all things BDSM with Experts Dick and Gwen from Off the Cuffs Podcast. A friendly BDSM community that likes to play.

Episode 2

Wondering how to make the perfect “CockTale”? We join Medinah Monroe of Cocktales: Dirty Discussions Podcast to discuss how to create the best environment for sex, all things sexual confidence, her favourite kind of sex and how to let go completely to ensure you are having YOUR BEST SEX!

Episode 1

Searching for that elusive orgasm? Struggling with your identity and sexuality? Join Kelly and Helen to talk about growing up and finding sexual confidence and finding that big O! From Helen’s first lesbian “affair” as a teen to growing up and discovering who she really is.. we cover it all. Helen is your “big gay sister and best friend all in one!” And wow does she have some stories to tell!

Coming Soon

In progress

How to have shameless sex with April and Amy

Future Episode

Join Kelly, April and Amy on a journey to having completely SHAMELESS SEX! We talk about growing up and sex positivity, shame smashing, sex toys, having crazy “single sex” and even joining the mile high club… and not in the way you would expect!..

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