Rumbly vibes and intense orgasms: secrets of our sex tech

Our toys PULSE and the Queen Bee are known for providing unique, powerful, rumbly sensations and intense orgasms. The technology that creates these is in our patented PulsePlate. But where does this sex tech come from, and how is it different to the mechanisms found in other vibrating sex toys? We’ve done an overview below.


What is the PulsePlate?

The PulsePlate is the oscillating plate you’ll find on the concave side of PULSE and on the head of the Queen Bee.

Line drawing showing the Pulse with action lines demonstrating the PulsePlate™ operating.PulsePlate placement on PULSE. We’re so fancy, we put a little crown on it.

With PULSE, the PulsePlate should be positioned against the frenulum (the ‘banjo string’ on the underside of the penis):

A line drawing of PULSE showing the penis positioned inside PULSE's sheath

Positioning of PULSE

With the Queen Bee, the PulsePlate should be positioned against the vulva/clitoris. Different people find different placements work for them – some prefer it broadly pressed against the whole vulval area, while others like to position it within the labia to focus it more on the clitoris.

Line drawing of the Queen Bee in profile with annotations pointing out the powerful PulsePlate™ on the front and the gentle massage surface at the rear of the head.

PulsePlate on the Queen Bee. There’s a crown on that one too.

Unlike the technology found in most conventional sex toys, PulsePlate Technology™ uses a piston-like mechanism that oscillates, rather than vibrates. In typical sex toys, the vibrating surface moves in all possible directions, while our oscillations move the PulsePlate in only one direction (up and down), which creates a very different, more focused, sensation, with a much higher amplitude.

Where does PulsePlate Technology™ come from?

When Adam, PULSE’s inventor, was searching for a way to make the sex toy of his dreams, he stumbled across this research in a medical journal. The article discussed Penile Vibratory Stimulation (PVS), a means of inducing ejaculation in men with spinal cord injury to produce semen that could then be used for IVF.

The medical technology behind PVS made use of powerful oscillations that were capable of bringing about orgasm even in men who could not achieve erection or feel genital sensation. Adam was so excited about the potential of this technology that he travelled to Denmark to meet its inventors. They agreed to provide him with an exclusive patent to use the tech in a sex toy available for the general market.

Perhaps if Adam had known at this point that it would take him another five years of work to create PULSE and launch it, he might have decided to stick with Henry the Hoover. But luckily for future generations of bators he had no idea, so he quit his job and set up Hot Octopuss with his childhood friend Jules. Fast forward to 2013, and PULSE was born. It very quickly made a name for itself as a toy that could provide a penis owner with an orgasm like no other. One writer said in Alternet: ‘You just put your dick in it and hold it there and it will give you an orgasm that seems to last until next Tuesday.’

The Queen Bee was produced in response to many requests from vulva-owning sex bloggers, who saw the impact of the PulsePlate on their testers and wanted to know how it would feel on their own bodies. Following the Queen Bee’s launch in 2017, sex blogger Coffee and Kink described a Queen Bee wank as “a luxurious, long, slow session that ends with an orgasm so explosive my partner can hear it from the other end of the house”.

What does the PulsePlate feel like?

The oscillations produced by the PulsePlate are distinctly rumbly. They seem to penetrate deeper into the body than other forms of stimulation, and many reviewers have said they produce unusually intense orgasms. Queen Bee reviewers have described the feeling of the PulsePlate as a super-fast ‘tapping’ sensation. Basically, if you’re a fan of the PulsePlate, this probably applies to you…

Can you get this oscillating sex tech anywhere else?

We are the only sex toy company in the world to have a patent on this particular medical technology. While there are sex toys out there that produce oscillations via other means, none use this method.

Where can I get hold of these powerful orgasm machines?!

If you have a penis, we recommend PULSE SOLO or PULSE DUO (the DUO features a second motor in the top for the partner, so it’s a great couples’ toy). For vulva-owners, anyone who likes wand toys, or penis-owners whose dimensions are outside the range of 8-20cm length and 8-12cm diameter, we recommend the Queen Bee.

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