‘Hands-Free Orgasm’ erotica by F. Leonora Solomon

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So we were contacted by the wonderful erotica writer F. Leonora Solomon. She met our CEO, Adam, when we exhibited at the New York Sexual Health Expo. She was so intrigued by our toy, she wondered if we could work together in some way. We obviously couldn’t turn an offer like that down! So we set her the challenge of writing on the theme of ‘hands free orgasm’, since this is one of the more unusual features of our male sex toy.

We’re delighted to post the story she came up with – and we’re also wondering whether there any other erotica writers out there who’d like a spot on our blog. We’re looking for people – particularly those with disabilities and long term health conditions – who want to write about sex that’s different from the norm. When your body doesn’t work in the same way as the media ideal – or when general circumstances prevent you from having sex in the traditional way – sometimes you have to do it a bit differently. And sometimes when you do it differently, you get some mindblowing results! One of our favourite retailers, Jo Divine, has written a great piece about how sex toys can help with that, and we have a page of testimonials on our website, but that’s not the only way by an, er, long shot.

Get in touch via media@hotoctopuss.com if you’re up for the challenge. And in the meantime, here’s a brilliant example of what we mean from Leonora.

The Sound Of (Not Quite) Silence

Janine closed her eyes tight, but moonlight still flooded her eyes. It was quiet.

For now.

But she knew that she would hear them soon enough.

The apartment that she lived in overlooked the park, and everything she desired was either blocks or an e-mail away. To live in this paradise—even with her more than decent salary—Janine needed a roommate.

Their lives were separate for the most part. Liz worked a twelve-hour workday, and Janine ran her business from the apartment with her assistant. Sometimes they did not see each other for days…but Janine always heard Liz at night.

Liz’s boyfriend Ed came over every night—Janine could not blame Liz for needing the release after her long workday. Liz and Ed had sex every night.


The first time, they must have moved the bed because there was a loud dragging sound. Then soft moaning, which elevated into not so hushed whispers.

“Pull my hair,” Liz whispered loudly. “Harder.”

Janine could not help but imagine Liz’s thick long hair being pulled. Liz was beautiful, and the thought of her having sex with her boyfriend played out like a cinema in Janine’s imagination.


Janine’s eyes flew open.

It was going to be a rough night for them. And for her. They were not into BDSM, but sometimes they liked it rough. Honestly, Janine would not have minded Ed being rough with her. He was every bit as handsome as Liz was beautiful. She could imagine him pulling Liz’s hair, as she ran her hand through her own hair.

“Harder,” Liz urged, as she was wont to do on a randy night like this.

Janine could not even bring herself to touch herself. She was tired, but damn horny now too. She turned over on her stomach, and put her pillow over head. But she knew that was not going to help. The coolness of the sheets touching her bare backside, the very tip kissing her clit made her situation even worse. Pulling down her nightgown exposed her side breast, and she moaned softly.

If she ignored them, she would fall asleep when they were done. Turning on her side, Janine closed her eyes again.



“You have a perfect cunt Liz, just perfect…” Ed groaned.

Janine opened her eyes. Her life was not a sexy romantic comedy, she was not going to be invited to join them—not that she wanted to. But remaining in bed listening to them, and not getting any relief was torturous. Her own boyfriend Duke was away on business, she had spoken to him earlier. Now he was asleep with the time difference, and it was too late to ask him for phone sex.

She sat up, threw her covers back and walked barefoot to the bathroom. The bathroom was nowhere near Liz’s bedroom, but their noise got louder as she reached it. In the dark hallway, a sliver of moonlight was blinding. Janine walked toward the light, which she saw illuminate her feet as she walked.

Liz’s door was jarred. Janine saw a quick flash of flesh, before she turned on her bare heel and headed back to her room. She abandoned going to the bathroom, and got back in bed. Now she had to go, but she would be damned if she would go back out there. All she could do was contract her pelvic muscles, so that she would not pee herself.

“Harder!” Liz rasped, with a choked sob.

Janine remembered the lurid flash of flesh in the moonlight she saw from Liz’s cracked door, as she tightened down there once more so that she would not pee. But also because it felt good, almost like she was coming. It made tears come to her eyes, as it became harder to hold it.

And then she came—a trickle of pee accompanied her orgasm as she closed her eyes. From what Janine could hear, Liz had come as well…

…and then silence.



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