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Frenulum Orgasms – The Penis’ Best Kept Secret

Frenulum Orgasms – the little-known secret tucked beneath the glans of the penis. This highly sensitive area is packed with nerves capable of unleashing out-of-this-world orgasms. What’s the catch? Penetration has nothing to do with it! Resident blogger Queen P spills the beans on this hidden gem.

Frenulum Orgasm – An Introduction

Did you know that the penis can have different types of orgasms? Just like the vagina, which can have internal & external orgasms, penis orgasms can vary as well! Orgasms via the frenulum have been reported to be more intense and intoxicating than your everyday stroke n’ poke. The frenulum orgasm is a relatively undiscovered explosion of pleasure that we’re going to dive right into!

What is the Frenulum, and Where Do I Find It?

anatomical drawing of penis frenulumFor some, the frenulum is the most sensitive part of the penis. The frenulum is the thin band of skin that attaches the foreskin to the glans. It’s the small area on the underside of the penis, where the shaft meets the head. For those of you without a foreskin, you may have little or no frenulum remaining. But no sweat, there are still plenty of nerves here just waiting to be titillated!

Benefits of the Frenulum Orgasm

There are other benefits to frenulum stimulation besides immeasurable pleasure. Stroking can get tiresome and for those of us looking for new ways to come, frenulum stimulation offers a break from the usual pump-and-dump routine. Frenulum orgasms can help folks regain sensitivity in other parts of their penis as well as offer a solution to delayed ejaculation. Many penis owners actually report frenulum orgasms being more intense and producing more ejaculate than regular ones.

How to Have a Frenulum Orgasm

The frenulum orgasm takes time, patience, and focus on a small, sensitive area. This requires a very different technique than other penile orgasms. Instead of firmly gripping and pumping the shaft for pleasure, you use fingers or toys to deliver hyper-focused stimulation.

Befriend the Frenulum

Allow yourself or your partner to get an erection and locate the V-shaped cleft at the underside of the glans (“mushroom tip”). Behold, you’ve found the frenulum! Next, start to stimulate the area with fingers, palms, tongue, or lips. You can visit other terrains along the way, but you ultimately want to end up at the frenulum. Partners will need to read the penis owner’s subtle cues; no going into blowjob/handjob autopilot for this one.

Get Creative!

Since the frenulum needs consistent attention for orgasm, you can get creative in the ways that you touch it.

Here are some ways to keep the momentum going without getting bored:

jett penis vibrator sex toy– little flicks of the tongue

– different types of pressure from your fingers

– small suckling kisses with your lips

– vibrators

– the other bells and whistles – nipple clamps, taint massage, or putting their hands on your genitals are some ideas.

Just like individual music notes of a song mean nothing by themselves, individual strokes mean nothing. Music contains repeated melodies and rhythms that rise and fall and eventually take us to the finale. Make music with your stimulation.

Use the right tool for the job

Using frenulum-focused toys can help lighten the load on your partner’s fingers or tongue.

JETT penis vibrator is perhaps the most powerful tool for frenulum stimulation. The independently controlled treble and bass motors are sure to shake up a storm within your sweetie!

PULSE vibrating cock sleeve is another toy that hyper-targets his most sensitive area. The PulsePlate is strategically placed to oscillate the frenulum as the various settings and Turbo button take him for a wild ride.

How to Be a Good Team Player

Buckle up partners, you’re in for the long haul! Without the use of toys, frenulum orgasms can take anywhere from 30 min to one hour. If you want a shortcut, check out the Tips & Tricks below. This isn’t your everyday orgasm, okay? So it’s going to require much more patience and reassurance than usual. Positive words of encouragement are helpful to make sure your partner feels comfortable about the time spent.  Try affirmations like, “I could do this all night” or “We have all the time in the world.”

The Big Finish

In order to reach full frenulum orgasm, you have to read your or your partner’s body. Connect with the breath and the rise and fall of his belly during arousal. There may be an ebb and flow of pre-come that leaves you wondering if it will ever come to fruition. Your instinct will be to pump-pump-pump a load out but hold steady and be patient. As you sense the orgasm getting closer, do your best to stay completely melded to the frenulum. As the orgasm surmounts, gently continue the slow rhythmic movement to prolong the orgasm but don’t lose contact. If you become weary or frustrated, take a break or use a vibrator for a smash-bang finish.

Frenulum Orgasm Tips & Tricks

Frenulum pleasure can be incorporated into sex in a variety of ways:

– As a means to an end: Use the frenulum orgasm as a finale to other stimulation.  It can be that little cherry on the top that pushes them over the edge.

– Transitioning between activities: If you’re riding the penis on top, you can hop off the D and dive into the frenulum stimulation. If the penis is being stroked by your hand or someone else’s, switch to handling the frenulum to enhance that big O!

– Vibration Station: Use different vibrations on the frenulum with AMO and DiGiT! A vulva owner can go from using the vibes on her clit to giving her partner’s frenulum a welcome treat!

Try It At Home

The frenulum orgasm is a great way to step outside of your normal routine and explore all the different sensations of the penis. Send this article to a penis-owner near you and start exploring today!


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