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Sitting at the cutting edge of sex toy design, Hot Octopuss creates next generation toys that are designed to fit into people’s lifestyles, not just their bedrooms.

Taking concepts, technology and materials from outside the adult industry, our aim is to create products that go beyond conventional thinking and challenge perceptions of how sex toys should look and function.

Our products and campaigns spark important conversations about sex, working towards a world where everyone has access to sexual expression and pleasure.

Hot Octopuss

Reinventing Pleasure… One Orgasm at a Time


Utilising our patented PulsePlate Technology™, this multi-award winning male toy will reinvent the way you masturbate.
Turning foreplay into the main event, this hands-free couples’ toy features PulsePlate Technology™ as well as a versatile remote control.
Utilising two large vibration motors to deliver deep and powerful vibrations, this compact stroker will take your current ‘stroking’ action to new levels.
This lightweight stroker with its additional remote offers added flexibility for solo users as well as a heightened level of fun for partner play.
Combining innovative design with the most powerful vibration motors on the market, this cock ring delivers deep and rumbly stimulation.
World’s first cock ring with dual integrated motors, enabling intense perineum stimulation in addition to powerful vibrations on top of the shaft.
Setting new standards for female toys, the Queen Bee is a next-generation clitoral stimulator, utilising our patented PulsePlate Technology™
Specifically formulated for use with Hot Octopuss products, Royal Jelly is the finest water-based lubricant.
(4.4FL OZ/130ml)
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Award Winning

The Hot Octopuss PULSE III SOLO and DUO sex toys shown with their boxes

2014 XBIZ Male Toy of the Year

2015 XBIZ Couples’ Toy of the Year

2014 ETO Male Toy of the Year

2016 XBIZ Boutique Pleasure Product Company

Pulse Plate Technology

An animation of the Hot Octopuss PULSE III guybrator showing the oscillating PulsePlate

PulsePlate Technology is the patented system that PULSE III and the Queen Bee use to deliver high-amplitude oscillations rather than low-amplitude vibrations.

Originally used in our PULSE male range, we have adapted the technology and applied it to the Queen Bee to enable women to also experience the powerful effect of oscillations.

Animation of Hot Octopuss Queen Bee showing oscillating PulsePlate

Oscillators are commonplace in the medical world; Hot Octopuss however is the first to bring this patented medical technology to the sex toy market. Unlike vibrators, PULSE III and the Queen Bee deliver powerful, deep, high-amplitude waves through a piston-like mechanism, often resulting in a unique, extremely powerful orgasm.


A key benefit of PULSE III is that it does not require the up-and-down motion associated with typical male masturbation in order to be effective.

Although this action comes naturally and easily to most men, this is not the case for everyone. PULSE III can therefore be helpful for those with a wide variety of health conditions and disabilities that make the traditional hand movement difficult or even impossible.

Those who need assistance with masturbation may find that the person aiding them can simply set PULSE III in place and let it do its work.

Another feature of PULSE III is that it can be used completely flaccid, without the need for an erection. Many male sex toys are not suitable for men with problematic erections as the toys require the user to start with an erect penis. PULSE III however has a semi-open shape, allowing the user to place their flaccid penis into the toy, giving pleasure even to those who have trouble achieving or maintaining erection.

PULSE III DUO can also be helpful for couples where a female partner finds penetrative sex painful. Take a look at our Therapeutic section to find out more.

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