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We’re always looking for new writers to contribute to The Edge, the Hot Octopuss blog. We cover a wide-range of sex-related topics, particularly in these areas:

We’re looking for fresh perspectives, personal stories, interviews, humour, research-based pieces and advice and education from experts.

Currently, we’re particularly looking for pieces from trans and non-binary writers about sex and relationships (particularly around the impact of transition); perspectives from people of colour on sex positivity and the sex industry; people with penises and sexual health experts who want to write about erectile problems; and men who want to write about sex from a fresh angle (i.e. not your standard men’s magazine approach).

Here are some of our favourite guest posts from recent years:

Serge Nicholson – On Language, Sex And Gender Diversity

Jenny Guerin – Is Scissoring A Thing?

Nicole Guappone – Pelvic Pain – Helpful Products For Sex And Everyday

Axel of School Of Squirt – What Kind Of Guy Is Into Pegging?

Kelly Perks-Bevington – Being A Disabled Girl On Tinder

Leandra Vane – Be Proud Of Your Phone Porn

Joan Price – Ultimate Senior Sex Tips

James Mycroft – Sometimes Submitting In Bed Helps My Depression

Coffee & Kink – Sex Blogging Saved My Soul

Mel of Voluptasse – Why I Took A Year Off Sex Blogging To Go Back To School

Kirsten Schultz – Chronic Sex At Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit

We take pitches from everybody, but especially welcome pitches from:

  • those with disabilities/chronic illnesses;
  • trans, non-binary, intersex and queer writers;
  • people of colour;
  • writers over 50;

The Smutlancer wrote a really great piece on how to pitch effectively, so if you’re not familiar with the pitching process, give it a read.

We usually pay £50 per post and our pieces are usually 750-1000 words.

You can email your pitches to We only have a certain number of guest slots, so there is some competition for them, and there may be a delay in reply, but we will aim to get back to you within a fortnight, and you’re welcome to chase us if you haven’t heard after that time.

We do not publish pieces that have already been published elsewhere.

We also don’t publish generic pre-written articles in exchange for backlinks (we get a lot of requests for this, so please don’t contact us about it as we won’t reply).

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