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#VotingIsSexy – Selfies For Sex Toys


If you live in the UK you’ll probably have noticed that something pretty massive is going down tomorrow. If you’re registered, it’s time to vote in the UK election.

One of the biggest things that can swing an election is voter turnout. You’ve probably spotted polls that tell you this or that party is looking likely to win, but nothing is set in stone until 10pm tomorrow when the polls close.


At HotOctopuss, we’ve always been of the opinion that voting is sexy: it’s you exercising your democratic right, and having your say on the future of the country.

When the US elections happened back in November, we offered people the chance to win a sex toy by tweeting us their sexy post-vote selfies. So we thought we’d extend the offer to all of you who are eligible to vote in the UK elections on Thursday June 8th.

Here’s what you need to do:

Vote! If you have received your polling card that will tell you where you need to go to put the all-important cross in that box. If you’ve lost your card and you’re not sure where your polling station is, this handy website will tell you. You don’t need your card in order to vote, you can give your name at the polling station. If you want to check on accessibility at your local polling station, contact your Electoral Registration Office and they can give you all the info. Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm.

Then, to enter our competition:

1. Take a photo that shows off just how happy you are to have voted. Make it powerful. Make it joyful. And (boring bit) make it legal. There are rules that mean you shouldn’t take photos inside the polling station itself or of your polling card, to maintain the secrecy of the ballot – so don’t tell us who you voted for and make sure you take your picture outside the polling station itself. Maybe snap a selfie as you walk back home, or take a picture when you’re raising a glass in the pub to celebrate casting your ballot.

It doesn’t have to show your face, and in fact you don’t even need to be in it. Here is our Hot Octopuss mascot Alan with a #VotingIsSexy message…

And here’s anonymous blogger Girl on the Net showing as little of herself as possible…

2. Tweet your photo with the hashtag #VotingIsSexy, and copy in @HotOctopuss on Twitter or tag us on Instagram. That way we can see and retweet all your excellent voting photos, and hopefully encourage a few more people to join in the party.

3. If you voted by post, you can still join in! Just take a selfie that captures how you feel about using your awesome voting power, and send it to us using the hashtag.

4. Make sure you get your #VotingIsSexy photo to us before midnight on June 8th. We’ll have a look and pick a winner on the 9th June. We’re looking for the happiest, most powerful, most democratic, most interesting pictures. It doesn’t even need to include your face if you’re shy.

5. We’ll contact the winner via Twitter DM so make sure you’re following us @HotOctopuss so we can contact you to send you your prize.

6. The winner will receive a fantastic, powerful sex toy of their choice – either a PULSE III SOLO or DUO (for powerful penis-based orgasms) or a shiny, new, not-even-on-the-market-yet Queen Bee (for powerful clitoral orgasms).

7. Boring legal stuff – entrants must be over 18 (of course!). Entries that breach any of the rules above will not be counted. Hot Octopuss judges will decide the winner, and the judges’ decision is final.

Are you ready to do it? Get out and vote, and then enter our competition by tweeting your #VotingIsSexy selfies!


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