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Penis Vibrators: How To Use JETT

Penis Vibrators: How To Use JETT

I’ve got great news for those of you out there equipped with a penis. Have you grown bored of your masturbation routine, or experienced less-than-reliable erections? JETT penis vibrator may very well be what you’ve been looking for.

Actually, we would be more accurate as I, too, consider myself a member of this … well, member-ship... so I’m as excited about JETT as you are.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at this unique sex toy. We’ll turn an eye towards all kinds of ways you can use it for all kinds of pleasurable activities.

Penis Vibrators: Why are they so much fun?

What kind of “pleasurable activities” you may ask? Well, how are these enjoyable, exciting, and most of all, arousing features for a start:

– Breaking free from the grip of delayed ejaculation

– Achieving erections

– Prolonging erections

– Controlling, intensifying, and delivering extra-powerful orgasms...

...the list goes on and on.

Penis Vibrators: What is JETT, exactly?

First of all, JETT is the world’s only penis toy that has Treble and Bass Technology. Its sturdy silicone band secures not one but TWO independently controlled motors at the penis’s most sensitive zone: the frenulum. One motor provides high-frequency treble vibrations while the other delivers deep, rumbly bass. The two motors can be adjusted to an infinite number of combinations as they sing across the shaft to one another for a completely customizable experience.

I want to give Hot Octopuss a much-deserved high five for marking JETT’s remote with twin big, bold plus and minus symbols. As far too frequently, I’ve had to fumble or switch on a bedside lamp to see what button does what on the many other sex toys I own.

Many people find that JETT goes on much easier when the penis is flaccid rather than erect. This is one of the rare times when lube won’t improve the situation! Give the center ring a good stretch and begin working your tip through the opening. Once you’ve got the band resting just below the corona (mushroom tip) of your member, you’re ready to rumble!

How To Use JETT: Fire it up and enjoy yourself!

From sex toys to whatever new technology might cross our paths, what can separate the good from the so-so is customizability.

This is where JETT really shines. Instead of a predetermined number of settings, each motor is controlled independently, increasing and decreasing the intensity using large, easy to press +/- buttons on the remote. This also makes it ideal for users wanting to delve into edging, the sizzling-hot technique for “pressurizing” your orgasms.

For example, start with the ring all on its lonesome, without the bullet vibrators. Then add one, putting it through its vibrational paces as you see fit, before adding its twin.

Who knows, you may discover vibrator A on this setting is fantastic. Vibrator B is more so. And A set on that pattern of vibrations while B does those buzzes is a gloriously intense rock-ride to the planet orgasm!

Then there’s the idea of flipping the ring around, so those vibrators are on top of the shaft.

A don’t forget that someone else can hold the remote, so your playmate(s) can help out with your sexual activities. So, too, if BDSM’s your thing, they can take total control of what you feel and how fast or slow your come.

JETT: An excellent toy for all kinds of fun

Seriously, I could fill up a dozen articles, or perhaps an entire book (note to self: call agent) with the erotic possibilities JETT will bring to your sexual escapades.

Whether you struggle with erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, or are simply curious about frenulum orgasms, JETT is a powerhouse of possibilities and pleasure.

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