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Best Men’s Sex Toy: Everyone’s Talking About…

It’s been quite a week for us at Hot Octopuss HQ – love is in the air around Valentine’s Day, so suddenly everyone’s buzzing about sex toys – and PULSE DUO in particular. Naturally we’re delighted to be recommended as one of the best men’s sex toys, and alongside the reviews there have been some great discussion pieces that help to challenge the stigma that’s often attached to men’s sex toys.

So from Twitter, the press, and even the telly, here’s a round-up of some of our favourite sex toy news stories from the past week.

Gear Patrol – designing the best men’s sex toy

We love talking about design, as well as the unique challenges of taking a medical concept and transforming it into a men’s sex toy that appeals to everyone. So this article in Gear Patrol, with HotOctopuss co-founder Adam Lewis, gives you a glimpse of the mixture of passion, creativity, and innovation involved in taking a sex toy from initial concept to production.

You can also hear a bit about our early-stage hiccups, and why our very first prototypes were a little too effective…

“We approached this product as very much the ultimate wearable,” says Tom Owen, one of Curventa’s senior designers. “It’s a wearable for the most intimate of regions.” When they first took on Hot Octopuss as a client, all Curventa’s design team had to work with was Lewis’s prototype and the newly licensed oscillating technology. Their job was to bring it together into something beautiful.

The design obstacles were twofold. One, they had to create a product people want to wear, meaning it couldn’t be too bulky, loud or uncomfortable. And two, they had to refine the oscillating technology’s frequencies and movements. “We actually found that at the beginning it worked almost too good,” says Owen. The first prototypes were so powerful, not unlike Multicept’s original device, that they forced male testers to orgasm too quickly.”‘

Sex toys recommended by Good Housekeeping and Kinkly

The experts over at Good Housekeeping wanted to offer something a little different this Valentine’s Day. From duck-shaped vibrators to the best men’s sex toy, they picked 9 alternative sex toys to buy for your partner on Valentine’s Day. The day itself might be over, but that’s no reason not to indulge yourself…

And it’s not just the Good Housekeeping staff – the folks over at Kinkly.com have given PULSE DUO the thumbs up as well – including it on their list of top 10 sex toys to try in 2016. Thanks team!

Rude Magazine

Sex journalist Nicci Talbot delved into the world of Valentine’s Day pressure, asking: is the whole thing becoming too commercialised and turning us all off?

‘Hallmark sold the first Valentine’s Day card in 1913, which kicked off an annual tradition that we still celebrate today. We send around 145 million Valentine’s Day cards according to The Greeting Card Association. So, it’s big business for retailers…’

Alongside exploring the origins of Valentine’s Day, Nicci gathered some opinions from writers and people who work in the sex industry, getting a broader picture of our attitudes to Valentine’s in 2016.

Kocktails With Khloe

Khloe Kardashian’s new chat show, Kocktails with Khloe, includes the game ‘faux real’ – her guests are shown a series of products or ideas and asked to guess whether they’re ‘faux’ or ‘real.’

Alongside ‘nadkins’ – wet wipes for your nads – they got stuck into the HotOctopuss ‘GuyFi’ booth. Our tongue-in-cheek stunt certainly caused a stir, and got a lot of people talking about the health benefits and stress-relieving properties of masturbation.

Gadgets and men’s sex toys in Metro

The London Metro gave an extensive run-down of sexy gadgets last week. Focusing on the tech innovations that are transforming our sex lives, naturally there was a little mention of our ‘guybrator’, as well as the waves caused by the ‘GuyFi’ booth.

If you’d like extra detail on the best men’s sex toys, there’s more in this Metro article from September last year.

Sex blogger Violet Fenn picks PULSE DUO

Sex blogger Violet Fenn gave a PULSE DUO to a friend of hers, who can’t have penetrative sex due to a medical condition. Thanks to the PULSE II DUO, she and her partner were able to have their first simultaneous orgasm in a very long time.

It’s great to be mentioned in the press – and we’re so excited that more people are finding out about the best men’s sex toy, PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL, as well as PULSE DUO which can be used solo or as a couple. But while we love getting in the papers, the most important thing to us is hearing the reaction from customers. It’s great to see more people finding out about PULSE, and learning for themselves how it can enhance their sex lives.

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