Valentine’s Gifts For Him (If You Like)

It would be remiss of us, as a sex toy company, to avoid mentioning the V-word. Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and, as we know, the point of the day is to spend as much money as possible and then have wild and passionate sex long into the night, if only to drown out the noise of your neighbours doing the same.

OK. That sounds a bit cynical. Actually, Valentine’s Day is a time to do whatever you like – celebrate your relationships in the ways you want to, or don’t if you don’t fancy it. If there’s one benefit to the 14th of February becoming intensely commercial, it’s that couples who don’t buy into the roses-and-champagne thing can be a bit more up-front about what they like instead. Maybe it’s walks in the park, exchanging hand-knitted jumpers, or indulging in some mutual masturbation then ordering a pizza. Either way, the fact that Valentine’s Day is met with as many eye-rolls as swoons helps to show us all that there’s no one true formula for love.

But there is one area of Valentine’s Day fun that we can definitely help out with.

Valentine’s gifts for him

A little bit of research on Google Trends (which allows you to measure the most popular search terms over time) shows that the phrase ‘Valentine’s gifts for him’ has been consistently more popular than ‘Valentine’s gifts for her.’ The graph below shows ‘for him’ searches in blue, and ‘for her’ searches in red (we didn’t pick the colours – it’s to do with the order you put them into the trends tool).

Valentine's gifts for him versus Valentine's gifts for her

Why is this? As Valentine’s Day draws near, one of the most frustrating issues for guys is that it’s so often seen as something they should do for women in their lives rather than with them. Just check out the marketing in your local supermarket or card shop, listen to the radio or see what people are chatting about on Twitter.

So why are so many people searching ‘gifts for him’? Well, maybe it’s because Valentine’s Day tends to follow a formula. It’s (usually) seen as something just for straight couples. It’s (usually) the bloke in the couple who has to buy a gift. And that gift (usually) comes from a prescribed list of goodies: flowers, chocolate, sexy lingerie – you name it.

It’s a bit of a shame for guys who might need a bit of pampering themselves, but the good news is that ‘gifts for him’ and ‘gifts for her’ searches have both increased this year. That implies that no matter who you’re buying for, people are keen to find Valentine’s gifts that are a little less than obvious.

Gifts for him – and them, and everyone

So what should we do? Well, as a sex toy company, we’re supposed to give you some recommendations here – amazing Valentine’s gifts for him that are:

a) an exciting surprise and

b) a challenge to the stereotype that Valentine’s Day is just for women.

But realistically, what we want is for everyone – no matter what their gender – to feel like V-Day is something fun they can get involved with if they want to, but nothing to get stressed about if they don’t. So if you want to buy your partner an amazing sex toy, please be our guest – a PULSE II SOLO certainly fulfils the criteria above. A PULSE II DUO is a great gift for a couple to enjoy together, so again we’re happy to point you towards the ‘buy now’ page.

But ultimately what we want is for you to have a fun Valentine’s Day, no matter what expectations other people have of you. Whether it’s sexy time spent together as a couple or a quiet night in on your own, the most important thing is that it works for you. Not everyone wants flowers, after all.


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