5 Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day If You’re Single


Valentine’s Day can be great fun for those who expect gifts and surprises. But for many single people, Valentine’s Day is about as exciting as a root canal or surprise tax audit. If you’re dreading the 14th February, when restaurants get rammed with couples and you can’t turn your head without seeing hearts and roses, we’ve come up with a few unusual things you can do to take your mind off it.

1. Plant some flowers

Sure, single people can buy flowers for themselves, but how much does a dozen red roses cost? Rather than shell out twenty quid on a bouquet that will die within a week, pop to your local garden centre and pick up some bulbs or seeds that please you. You don’t need any romantic tropes to keep you happy on Valentine’s Day – by planting your own flowers you’re bringing yourself joy, and you can guarantee your blooms will last longer than a bouquet.

2. Take a day off!

If you’re not keen on spending the day around colleagues who’ll be excitedly discussing Valentines plans or asking you ‘how’s your love life?’, consider using a day of annual leave to give yourself a break. Last year Hot Octopuss issued a ‘sick note’ that singletons could print out to try and get a day off work for Valentine’s Day. Why? Because self-love is a great way to boost your physical and mental health, of course! We can’t guarantee your boss will go for it, but we can guarantee that if you take the day off on Valentine’s Day, you’ll have even more time to spend taking very good care of yourself in bed.

3. Volunteer!

If the idea of a night in alone doesn’t float your boat, there are plenty of amazing things you can do that’ll give you love for humanity rather than just for one other person. Organisations like Do-It.org allow you to search for volunteering opportunities in your local area, and signing up for something before Valentine’s Day could give you something rewarding and fun to do on the evening itself and beyond – making sure your decisions have a long-lasting impact.

4. Try out some new masturbation tricks

What better way to celebrate the day of love than by nurturing the greatest love of all – self-love! Why not celebrate how badass you are on your own by trying out some new masturbation tricks? We’ve got plenty of advice to give you inspiration – like how to make the most of a clitoral wand toy like the unique Queen Bee. Or how you can use the award-winning PULSE to achieve hands-free orgasms. Who needs candlelit dinners when you can have a candlelit masturbation session?

5. Embrace your mates

Valentine’s Day conjures ideas of romantic love, but romantic love isn’t the only kind. How about, this year, focusing on the love you have for your friends? Pick a pal who has been good to you over the last year, and buy them something special to show them how much they mean to you. A nice card, a cuddly toy, or perhaps even a sex toy if they’re in the market for a new one. If you’ve got a group of single friends, you could even expand on this idea and do a little ‘Secret Santa’ style exchange – put everyone’s name in a hat and pick out a name to buy a gift for. Couples don’t have a monopoly on love – your friends deserve a little Valentine’s affection too!

Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to love yourself!

It’s easy to see why some single people get really frustrated with Valentine’s Day – it’s one day each year dedicated to romantic love, which manifests in a way that leaves plenty of people feeling miserable and left out. But you don’t have to buy in to the idea that coupledom is the only way to be happy. Embrace the things you love in your life, whether that’s the fun you have with friends, within your local community, or the time you spend alone. Above all remember that self-love is important too, and you deserve to have a nice time, whatever you choose to do.

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