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Unusual Sexy Christmas Gifts For Your Loved One/s

‘Tis the season… to feverishly google for hours in search of presents your loved ones might actually like. It can be particularly tough if you’re looking for a sexy gift for a partner you’ve been with for a while. You’ve been through the obvious already – but you still want to make them feel special. Here are our top suggestions.

Unusual sexy Christmas gift idea #1 – ethical porn subscription

You’re probably aware that paying for your porn is a good idea for the sake of working conditions for porn performers as well as overall quality and variety. If your partner (and you!) haven’t taken that step yet, what better time to try than Christmas? We suggest subscriptions to Royal Fetish XXX, Bright Desire and Crashpad Series, just for starters. Loads more ideas in this piece by Violet Blue.

Idea #2 – unique sex toy they’ll be proud to display on their nightstand

Both AMO (below) and DiGiT (main image) are new releases that won’t break the bank yet look and behave very differently from other sex toys on the market – style and versatility are key.

If you want something penis-focused you can’t go wrong with our newest launch – PULSE SOLO LUX – the ultimate ‘guybrator’ from a range that one reviewer described as providing ‘an orgasm that seems to last til next Tuesday’. It can be used from flaccid and with or without erection, too.

Idea # 3 – adult colouring book

Mindful colouring has been trendy for a while, and is a smart gift for a partner who’s always looking for new ways to wind down. Add some spice with Color Me Sexy, featuring everything from intricate cock-related abstract designs to illustrated sex positions.

Unusual sexy Christmas gift idea #4 – sexy underwear for him

Women’s lingerie has been done to death as a gift idea, but have you considered something sheer and silky for the man (or masc.-identified person) in your life? We think most guys will look cute in a pair of patterned boxer briefs like these by Svenjoyment.

Idea #5 – audio porn

Have you tried aural stimulation? Some people find listening to sexy stories more arousing than visual porn – and it may also more accessible. Sex blogger Girl On The Net’s audio porn library is constantly expanding, and if you support her on Patreon, your partner will get early access to her latest smut as well as exclusive audio extracts on the top tier.

Idea #6 – a very unusual cookbook

Your partner will need a very particular sense of humour, a strong stomach and/or a really genuine love of swallowing cum for Natural Harvest: A Collection Of Semen-Based Recipes to be a suitable gift for them, but if so… you’re welcome!

Unusual sexy Christmas gift idea #7 – hands-free lube warmer

For the sexy person who has everything – the WARM Touch. Instant, automatic access to perfectly-warmed lube whenever you need it. No more struggling with packets and dispensers and sticky stuff everywhere, as the lube is dispensed with a wave of the hand. It can also be great for people with pelvic pain conditions.

Idea #8 – sexy pick n mix

Lovehoney’s offering early access to its Black Friday Deals – so take advantage and pick out a few items you’ve never tried before as a couple. You can either wrap them and let your partner pick one at random, or ask them make a choice as to which of the three they’d most like to play with next time you have some private time. You never know what new sexy interest you might discover together!


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