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Unique Sex Toys For Couples


When we think of sex toys for couples, usually we go straight for the ones with buttons. Toys like the PULSE II DUO, which is designed to allow couples to share unique vibrations while they play.

Today, though, we wanted to draw some attention to things you may not have considered using alongside your vibrating favourites. Whether you’re into kinky sex, messy sex, or you just want to try out all the kama sutra positions, here are a few suggestions for great sex toys for couples.

Sex toys for couples who… love the kama sutra

You don’t have to be a gymnast to enjoy sex, or get adventurous with the sexual positions you’re trying out. It can be really frustrating to pick up a sexual advice guide that recommends you slip one ankle behind your partner’s head while the other leg bends in a way usually only do-able if you’re a professional yoga instructor.

But don’t worry: there are sex toys for couples which are designed specifically to help us get into our favourite positions, and stay there without succumbing to cramp. What’s more, they’re especially useful for couples where one or other partner may have limited mobility.

Gritty Woman (who has tried and tested plenty of sex toys for couples), loves the Bondage Boutique sexual position seat. The seat is designed mostly for ‘on top’ sex positions, which are a perfect way to use the PULSE II DUO. One partner lies beneath with the PULSE II DUO on, and the person on top takes advantage of the external vibrations:

“Not only did it help make certain positions easier, it also allowed us to get into some new ones that had been out of the question before. It is fantastic for anyone who wants to ride (either a dildo or a penis) comfortably and without exerting too much effort.”

Sex toys for couples who… want to get messy

It would be a dull world indeed if we all felt the need to stay squeaky clean in the bedroom. Sex is a glorious, sticky, messy thing and some couples like to revel in that and even take it further – introducing massage oils and body paint as well as their natural juices. Rubber sheets, PVC blankets and this soft throw from Liberator (who also make sexual positioning tools) would all be great sex toys for couples who love getting messy.

Gritty Woman points out that it’s especially useful if you squirt, and want to be able to let go without worrying about the John Lewis cotton:

“As a squirter, one of the greatest benefits to owning the Liberator Throe is that I can finally allow myself to relax. I no longer worry about how much fluid I have expelled, or whether or not I managed to get it all on the towel. These concerns used to cause me to hold back and minimise my pleasure, but now I don’t even have to think about it.”

Couples sex toys like the PULSE II DUO are compatible with water-based lube. They’re also waterproof – so if you’re planning on a messy session, clean-up afterwards should be a breeze.

Sex toys for couples who… want to get kinky

Kinky couples are always difficult to recommend toys to: your kinks are always going to be deeply personal, carefully negotiated, and based on your level of skill and comfort. If you’re an experienced kinkster, you probably already know what you like. So we’ve picked this example because it’s a good sex toy for couples who are just starting on their kinky journey.

This body harness, recommended by Cara Sutra’s pleasure panel, which involves no knots (quick to get in to and out of!) and won’t break the bank.

It’s all very well saying ‘get a flavoured lube’ but as all taste experts know, that’s a bit like saying ‘get a wine to go with the steak.’ You need a little more detail than that if you’re going to have a truly delicious experience.

Violet Fenn’s review of System Jo lube had us in stitches, mainly because she put her finger on one of the key problems with any flavoured lube selection: it doesn’t always taste like what they say it will. Luckily, the System Jo lube is not only water based (so compatible with most sex toys), it also met her rigorous standards in terms of flavour:

“Turns out that actually, you can get lubes that taste nice. In fact, you can get lubes that actually taste properly of the flavours they are meant to be. I reckon there are lots of people out there who understand just what a game changer this is.”

It can be tricky picking the best couples sex toy for you, but it’s well worth it when you’ve found one (or two, or three, or twenty) that work for you. Kinky, messy, gourmet… no matter what kind of couple you are, sex toys for couples can enhance your sex life and bring you closer than ever before.

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