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Desire - Articles

Are you feeling a little warm?

From sexual tales and Erotica to fun new ways to get off we find that they all start and often end with 'Desire'


Silhouette of woman wearing a black bra with shadows of blinds on her

Erotica Challenge – Jilly Boyd

Jilly Boyd is the latest to take up our ongoing erotica challenge, which aims to celebrate the fact that there are many different ways to enjoy sex, whatever one’s limitations or challenges.

Woman with black frilly knickers around her ankles, tattooed legs and black high heels

Masturbation: Scenes We’d Like To See

It might sound weird to call for more masturbation on TV. After all, we’re already treated to some pretty excellent sexy TV shows, and if we’re after anything more explicit then there’s a whole world of ethical porn to explore.

Bearded man with tattooed arm relaxing in white liquid, eyes closed

Aural Sex: 10 Erotic Podcasts To Listen To In Lockdown

Erotic podcasts are booming, and they’re particularly useful if you’re struggling for privacy. Just chuck on those headphones and nobody around you is any the wiser. Here are our picks for the best erotic podcasts.

Woman holding phone in both hands

Leandra Vane – Be Proud of your Phone Porn

Should you be proud of your phone porn? Leandra Vane argues the line between ‘porn’ and other media is much blurrier than you think.

Two people laying in bed holding hands

What’s In A Name? When It Comes To Sex, Sometimes Everything

Our regular guest blogger James Mycroft tells us why Juliet, undeniably a great lover, possibly wouldn’t have been such a brilliant shag.

Woman orgasming with eyes closed

Erotica Stories: Homologous

James Mycroft has written a few thoughtful, sexy guest posts for us over the past few months, on topics like submission and depression and sex as an extreme sport, but this is the first time he’s written full-on erotica.

Intimate interracial gay couple in bed

Afterplay: Best Things to Do After Sex?

You can barely move for foreplay tips on the internet: advice on how to get things started, tips for turning your partner on via sexting and dirty talk, all that stuff.

ATOM PLUS box and product

Erotica: Edging With A Cock Ring

Regular guest blogger James Mycroft has written some of our most popular blog posts this year. This month he tackles erotica, describing the experience of using our ATOM cock ring… plus another one of our toys (can you work out which one?)… in a very sexy edging scenario.

Topless woman in jeans and reading book, laying down

Erotica Stories: More Ways Than One

Jerusalem Mortimer‘s sexy story about a man who discovers *many* more ways than one of satisfying a lover in one night.



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