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Exciting things are a happening

Forget the BBC or Sky news, this is where you'll find out what the hell is really going on (with your favourite Sex Toy Company)

That better be us btw ;)


Confident woman in black top standing by stone wall

International Women’s Day: Each For Equal In The Adult Industry

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Each For Equal’ – underlining that our individual actions work towards (or against) equality. As a woman in the sex industry, I’m highlighting four key things people can do to contribute to this goal.

Man slumped in wheelchair in background out of focus, woman facing him in thong and suspenders

International Fetish Day: Everything You Need To Know

Happy International Fetish Day! Amy Norton runs you through the key facts about this day of kinky protest and celebration: What does it mean? Why’s it so important? And how do you explore your fetish?

Lesbian couple cuddling each other in bed and under the covers

Cocks Not Glocks Highlights Weird Sex Toy Laws

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest sex toy news (and why wouldn’t you?) you’ll have spotted quite a bizarre sight: students from the University of Texas in Austin have been carrying giant dildos around campus.

Two Pocket PULSE products isolated on black

Pocket PULSE Reviewers Say YEEESSS!

We sent out our first batch of Pocket PULSE Remote review toys just before Christmas… and we’ve been on the edge of our seats ever since, waiting for the reviews to come in.

Two gay men holding each other close

Unique Sex Toys For The 21st Century

More of us are bringing sex toys into our bedrooms than ever before, and according to research done by Channel 4 in the UK, sex toys are the country’s most popular ‘fetish’.

Sex blogger woman on camera modelling BDSM black gear and red cuffs

Masters of Sex: Why I took a year off sex blogging to go back to school

Former lawyer Mel from Voluptasse explains how she challenged academic snobbery by presenting an in-depth study of sex toys as part of her Masters degree – and discusses why sex bloggers might want to back up sex with scholarship.

Cool black muscular dude with dark shades and a beard

It’s Masturbation May And We’ve Got Some Celebrating To Do!

May is Masturbation Month and needless to say, it’s our FAVOURITE time of year. There are incredibly fun and rebellious ways to smash the stigma around masturbation while exploring new and fulfilling techniques for self-pleasure. Could your solo sex routing use some inspiration? Read on.

Two women and their tongues licking pink lollipop covered in hearts

Porn You Can Feel Good About

You may have heard the buzz about Pornhub removing 80% of its content due to controversy around its contributors. Author Queen P delivers the lowdown on the practices of the adult film industry and gives her top resources for the most erotic, raw, and all-around good vibes porn you can feel good about.

Pink haired tattooed baker licking pink icing from whisk

Anti-Valentine’s Day – How To Be Single On February 14th

Single on Valentine’s Day, or part of a blissfully rebellious relationship? Anti-Valentine’s Day can be a hell of a good time! Both single and coupled folks are lifting their glasses to this new tradition of reclaiming February 14th. It’s a way of giving a big ‘fuck you’ to overpriced chocolates and lingerie that your girlfriend doesn’t actually want. Instead, let’s give a big thumbs up to doing whatever we damn well please on this special day.

Lesbian couple in shower kissing and holding each other closely

What Will Define The Best Sex Toys 2016?

It used to be the case that sex toys were considered worthwhile if they got you off. A useful trick, sure, but a pretty low bar to set.

Woman in knee high white socks sitting on bed surrounded by fairy lights

Sexy Christmas Gifts For The Porn Lover In Your Life

Too many Christmas gift guides focus on ‘gifts for him’ or ‘gifts for her’, which is frustrating for those of us who want to pick presents based on thoughtfulness rather than gender.

Woman sitting on motorcycle, waiting on deserted road with the sun going down

International Women’s Day

Wishing a very merry International Women’s Day to all self-identified women! And giving a little extra squeeze to nonbinary friends who may mistakenly be shouted out by *sigh* well-meaning individuals. Those of us who don’t identify as female still appreciate, honour, and even geek out on the resilience and triumphs of the women in our lives. Without any further ado, here’s an inspiring interview with our founder, Julia Margo.

Woman on top of topless man

How Do Porn Laws Affect You?

Rule 34 of the internet states that if something exists, there will be porn of it.

Christmas Couple wearing masks

Happy Holidays from Hot Octopuss

At Hot Octopuss we believe in living life on your own terms – and that includes the holidays! Winter holidays can bring up all kinds of feelings, so we are extending a heartfelt wish that you’re able to celebrate in a way that genuinely brings you happiness. Here’s a look at the different ways our team members spend their holidays. From our homes to yours, we wish you a most festive season.

PULSE DUO and remote

PULSE: The Verdict – It’s Sensational!

One of the most stressful times for any sex toy company is shortly after a product has come out, when you’re waiting for the first reviews. And we were no different when we launched PULSE – the new, improved version of our award-winning guybrator. Would people like the upgraded version?

tattooed hands having high-tea together

Work With Us

tattooed hands drinking tea for posh teacups

Couple, man and woman, their hands holding a PULSE sex toy, laying on bed, with tattooed arms

Can You Recycle Your Sex Toys?

You can recycle so much of your household waste these days, but can you recycle your sex toys? The good news is that you may be able to recycle your sex toys, if you live somewhere that accepts electronic waste (sometimes known as 'E-waste') to recycle.

Man in white t-shirt standing against a brick wall with a tattooed arm

Hot Octopuss Review of the Month: ‘PULSE Has Saved My Sanity’

Following last month’s PULSE review from Davis, who is paraplegic, we’re pleased to share another amazing product review we’ve received in the past month, this time via our website from a former Marine.

Designing ATOM with prototype on display

Designing The World’s Most Powerful Cock Ring

With most cock rings, the wearer benefits most from the product, with little focus being given to the partner. We wanted to create a true couples’ toy that would be as intense for the partner as the wearer.

Woman being silenced with plasters over her mouth

Hot Octopuss Heads To International Lingerie Show in Vegas

The Hot Octopuss team is heading to the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas this week to showcase PULSE for the very first time.



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