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Delicious things made to incise

We do like a nice sexy campaign to get you all worked up and hot or you may just be here to find the next thing ready for your Christmas gift list


Woman looking through light circle

Unusual Sexy Christmas Gifts For Your Loved One's

‘Tis the season… to feverishly google for hours in search of presents your loved ones might actually like. It can be particularly tough if you’re looking for a sexy gift for a partner you’ve been with for a while. You’ve been through the obvious already – but you still want to make them feel special. Here are our top suggestions.

Two black gay men holding each other closely with Christmas lights behind them

Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Your Lover

In a panic? Left it too late again? Fear not, here are some last-minute Christmas gifts with a ‘sexy and sensual’ theme that will definitely arrive on time.

Lesbian couple wearing knitted winter jumpers and hats and staring closely at one another

How To Shop For A Sexy Christmas Gift

The time is fast approaching: we can hear the jingling of bells, we’ve been slightly confused by the John Lewis advert, and at Hot Octopuss HQ we’re already thinking of fun ideas for blogs that will show you some of the sexy Christmas gift options you can buy for your partner.

Sexy Mrs. Claus in front of the Christmas tree, in a red bra and with a present between her thighs

Sex Toy Advent Calendar

The Christmas countdown is on! Forget about candy and socks, let’s stuff that stocking with the unexpected. The Hot Octopuss elves have been cooking up some freaky little treats for their favourite holiday deviants (that’s you!)

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