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What’s The Sexiest Gift You’ve Given (Or Received)?

Sexiest Gift – We’re a sentimental lot here at Hot Octopuss HQ. When Christmas comes around we’re not just here to help you choose a great sexy gift, we’re also keen to hear your own stories. Whether it’s amazing gifts you’ve received from that special someone, or presents you’ve got for another person just knowing that they’re going to love it, we asked people over on Twitter: what’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever given or received?

Sex toy gifts…

Sheila’s example is both personal and sexy – the perfect combination!

“I think one of my best sexy gifts recently has been a black recycled/upcycled rubber strap-on harness that I bought to use with the hot lady I’ve been dating. We’re both cyclists (her more so than me) and she’s made from recycled inner bike tubes so was pretty considered. She loves it when I ride her and she had been sharing her fantasies of fucking me with a strap-on so I went ahead and got one as a present to both of us – we both look incredibly hot in it and we both get a kick out of using her.”

There seems to be a strap-on theme, as Zak Jane Keir received one too – as an alternative Valentine’s Day gift…

“Someone gave me a strap-on in mid February 20 years ago. (Person was a new-ish play partner). I appreciated the gift but got the giggles and kept saying ‘Most girls get flowers or chocs on Valentine’s Day’. Person was not all that amused, but we still had fun with the strap-on.”

CoffeeAndKink told us that her favourite gift was a sex toy – one she’d been wanting for a while. Of course if it’s sex toys you’re after we can recommend you a few of those! And in this case his choice of gift showed just how well he knew her – even just a month in!

“Mr bought me a Doxy for my birthday about a month into our relationship. That was when I knew this man got me. Still the coolest gift a lover has ever given me.”

Personal gifts

Anon’s gift again was all about the combination of personal and sexy:

“This year I got a lot of lovely kink stuff for my birthday including cuffs but the gift that caught me off guard was a bracelet with “Daddy’s Poppet” on it, his honorific and my pet name. It was a total surprise and just felt utterly wonderful to receive.”

And if you’re struggling for cash (because let’s face it, not all of us have a huge bank balance!) sometimes the best sexy gifts are ones that cost nothing but mean the world. One Twitter user said that when she was a student she came up with an innovative way of showing love, without spending any money at all!

“When I was a poor student I handmade a pile of those sexy gift vouchers – one for a massage, a blow job etc. I think it was well received – I was too skint for anything else at the time.”

Jadis reminded us that personalised erotica can be an amazing gift – with no price tag attached!

“Recently a friend(-sometimes-with-benefits) sent me a piece of personalised erotica, ~1500 words, incorporating the kinks I was currently into. At the end of a truly shit week, it was such a sweet, supportive and truly sexy thing for him to do for me.”

If you fancy some inspiration for writing your very own sexy story, why not check out some of the erotica we’ve published here on the blog? This year we’ve been pleased to be able to showcase some incredible erotic writers, including F Leonora Solomon and Jilly Boyd, writing short erotica to whet your appetite on our blog. We’ve also published quite possibly the hottest and most explicit customer review of one of our sex toys.

Whatever sexiest gift you give or receive this Christmas, we hope you have a good time! And if you’re disappointed that you haven’t received the latest new sex toys? Hey, you can always treat yourself in the new year…

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