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Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Your Lover

In a panic? Left it too late again? Fear not, here are some last-minute Christmas gifts with a ‘sexy and sensual’ theme that will definitely arrive on time.

We’ve separated these ideas into two sections, the first for products that involve shipping or a shopping trip, so you need to get in quick. Section 2 covers ideas for the ultimate last minute merchant, with no time at all to order anything or get to the shops.

Last minute Christmas gift ideas with fast shipping

1. CBD lube or other CBD products

CBD – the non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis – is used for all kinds of purposes, including pain relief and relaxation, and some say it increases sexual enjoyment. In lube form, according to Unbound, it may help with painful sex, and will promote relaxed muscles, increased bloodflow and reduced anxiety. Unbound are offering two-day US shipping on their Dazy water-based CBD lube, so you’ve got a little while yet to grab a bottle.

If you’re not in the US or don’t want to buy lube, CBD is often available in different forms at pharmacies and health food shops, too.

2. Take advantage of our sex toy sale – delivery guaranteed before Christmas until Thursday

Our range of beautifully-designed, discreet pleasure products runs from the super hi-tech oscillating PULSE SOLO LUX – for the penis owner who has everything – to stocking fillers like our new AMO bullet vibe (currently receiving rave reviews) and the affordable, highly customisable JETT dick vibe.

3. Erotica/sex manuals

If your local bookshop does not have an erotica or sex section, try looking under self help or health sections for sex-related non-fiction, and the general fiction section for erotic literature. Some suggestions: A Practical Guide To Sex by Meg John Barker; Garden Of Desires by Emily Dubberley; Delta Of Venus by Anais Nin, The Fermata by Nicholson Baker and The Tryst by Monique Roffey. Online, not everyone wants to use Amazon, but if you’re desperate, with Prime you can get next day delivery up to 23rd December, and same day delivery even on Christmas Eve.

4. Massage voucher

Local massage therapists are usually happy to provide vouchers for treatments, whether to print out or pick up, so get googling locally, or if your partner already has someone they see regularly, that’s even easier. After the stress and overindulgence of Christmas Day, your partner may think a relaxing massage is the best gift you’ve ever given them.

Last minute Christmas gift ideas when you really have NO time left

5. Ethical porn subscription

If your partner’s a porn fan, get them the gift that keeps on, er, coming, with a subscription to an ethical porn site like Royal Fetish XXX, Bright Desire or Crashpad Series. If the porn is ethical, you know that the working conditions of the performers are paramount, and that’s a brilliant Christmas gift in itself.

6. Tickets for a sexy event

Definitely don’t spring this on someone if you’ve never discussed the idea before. But if your partner has expressed an interest already, maybe now’s the time to grab those tickets for Torture Garden, a swingers’ night, Killing Kittens (if you’re female), or whatever your local equivalent is.

7. Sexy playlist

If you’re looking for a last minute stocking filler, spending some time preparing a playlist of sexy/romantic songs (perhaps with Spotify or YouTube) may touch your partner’s heart, particularly if you include songs that have been meaningful to you both during your relationship. You can create and print out a QR code to take them to the playlist, or even put it on a USB (or CD, or cassette if you want to be ultra retro). Or if there’s a band that means something to both of you, have a look and see if they’re touring or have just released an album.

8. 12 Days of Sexmas

If you and your partner like to play sexy games, you could offer your partner 12 sexy or sensual treats for the next 12 days, starting on Christmas Day. You just need to write the ideas out and slip them into 12 envelopes, so it’s a perfect last minute gift. You could offer them anything from a massage, a special meal or a candlelit bath to particular sexy activities you know they enjoy or want to try. Make sure you’re offering things that you’ll be happy to do and are likely to have the energy for in the post-Christmas slump, though!

If you have any other ultra last minute ideas, we’d love to hear about them on Twitter. Good luck!

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