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Best Sex Toys For Couples - Articles

Toys for 2 (or more) to Tango!

There are some toys that are for solo fun and some toys that works best when you are all entangled together, here are some articles showing the fun sex toys for two can bring.


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9 Secret Tips Every Couple Must Try In Bed For Great Sex

Here are 9 awesome sex tips and toys that will set your bedroom (or wherever you choose to do it) on fire!

Young gay couple holding each other closely, one with arm across the others chest

The Ultimate Guide To Outercourse

This Ultimate Guide to Outercourse will introduce you to one of pleasure’s undiscovered gems. We were only recently introduced to the word ‘outercourse’ (thanks, CNN!), and as it neatly describes one of our favourite kinds of sex, we thought we’d write a brief guide.

Lesbian couple kissing cheek wearing sunglasses

What’s The Sexiest Gift You’ve Given (Or Received)?

We’re a sentimental lot here at Hot Octopuss HQ. When Christmas comes around we’re not just here to help you choose a great sexy gift or recommend cool Christmas nights out, we’re also keen to hear your own stories.

Woman with tattooed arms in tender moment with man in denim shirt

8 Reasons To Try A Couples’ Sex Toy

If you’ve never tried a couples’ sex toy, then now is probably the perfect time to pick one up: we’ve just launched the next generation of our award-winning couples’ sex toy – the PULSE DUO LUX.

Two ATOM PLUS products isolated on a black background

What’s the Best Vibrating Cock Ring?

The humble cock ring is one of the cheapest, most popular and most effective sex toys for penis-owners and couples. Whether you want a cock ring in its most basic form to maintain erection or achieve a stronger one, or a full bells-and-whistles version to provide additional stimulation for both partners, the range available is enormous.

Furry leather cuffs isolated

Best Couples Sex Toys (That You Already Own)

We know not everyone has a huge budget for sex toys. Most people have a few key favourites that they use regularly, and occasionally splash out to add another awesome toy to their collection. So in the spirit of Money Saving Experts, we’re here to help you out and let you in on a little secret: some of the best couples sex toys are things you already own.

Bald woman in leather jacket and man holding her with tattooed arm

How to have Simultaneous Orgasms

It’s the Holy Grail of straight sex: simultaneous orgasms. How many romantic films and TV shows have you seen that don’t depict the (usually young, white, non-disabled, conventionally attractive) hetero couple coming triumphantly at exactly the same time, often during their very first night together?

Intimate couple in bed, woman close to kissing man's neck, he has an octopus tattoo on his upper arm

How To Celebrate National Orgasm Day

National Orgasm Day happens every year on July 31. This year, it falls on a Saturday, so really there’s no reason why you couldn’t celebrate all day — or all weekend even. We won’t judge! Here are a few fun ideas of how to celebrate National Orgasm Day.

Intense male and female couple staring at one another

3 Unexpected Reasons Couples’ Sex Toys Are Essential

Using sex toys was once seen as a solo pleasure – and often a guilty one at that. But in recent years people have been waking up to the idea that sex toys might actually be an *addition* to couples’ sex lives, not a replacement for them.

Mixed couple enjoying playing video games together

Top Video Games For Couples And Unexpected Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Video games have millions of fans all over the world and are becoming more popular during quarantine. You might be surprised to learn that the best video games for couples can help you save your love. Find out everything about it in our article.

Woman with tattooed arm holding ice cream in summertime

Summer Heatwave Sex Tips

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you’ll already know that sex isn’t all about penetration.

Lesbian couple laying in bed, kissing, happy, white top and red trousers, short hair

How To Use A Hands-Free Couples’ Sex Toy

Every sex toy can be a couples sex toy if you use it right. From vibrators you use to get a bit of extra stimulation during a shag, to masturbators you watch your partner using – everything counts as a couples sex toy if your partner is up for sharing.



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