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Treat Yourself: Christmas Gifts For Your Penis

We’ve rounded up Christmas gifts for other people, but sometimes Christmas is a nice excuse to buy something to treat yourself. Or, more specifically, your penis. We rounded up some fun sexy products to grab if you want to spend a bit of cash on yourself this Christmas – or if you’re still full of festive goodwill, pick up one of these treats for your partner.

Christmas gifts – PULSE III SOLO

Top of our list, unsurprisingly, is the brand new PULSE III SOLO – a masturbator that does things no other sex toy can. Alongside the incredible oscillating vibrations which allow PULSE to deliver body-shaking orgasms, the next generation PULSE III comes with a host of extra features like magnetic charging and anti-stall sensors. Just put PULSE on your penis, turn it on, and enjoy – hands-free masturbation has never been easier. Or more intense.

Christmas gifts – Sliquid lube selection pack

The closest thing you’ll get to a sexy version of the Cadbury’s chocolate selection pack: Sliquid’s lube essentials. If you haven’t tried any new lubes lately, then treating yourself to a variety could be the best gift for your penis this year. In the pack you get six different types, including H2O – one of the most popular water-based lubes which works fantastically with sex toys like PULSE. And smaller sachets means you can try different types – no two wanks will ever be the same.

Christmas gifts – chastity device

If you’d rather get a punishment than a present, perhaps this Christmas you’d like to pick up something a bit out of the ordinary. There is an incredible range of chastity devices on the market: metal and plastic sleeves and cages that you lock your penis into, making sure you keep your hands off. Mostly used in BDSM power play, they’re also good for people who just love a bit of build-up. Start by wearing for short periods of time, then gradually increase how long you wear it each day – when you allow yourself to take it off (or whoever is holding the key decides you deserve it) the resulting orgasms will be all the more explosive.

The kind of chastity cage that’s best for you will depend on your experience, comfort, and size – head over to Ruffled Sheets’ blog for some incredibly thorough reviews of chastity devices currently on the market.

Christmas gifts – Fleshlight quick shot

While we’re all in favour of you grabbing a PULSE, we realise many of our readers will already have one of their own. So if you want to mix up your masturbation, toys like the Fleshlight quick shot give you something a little different to try. The quick shot is much smaller than the standard large Fleshlight, and it’s open at both ends. That means it can not only be used during masturbation, it can also be used at the base of your penis to enhance oral sex. And, like PULSE, you can use it with any water-based lube.

Christmas gifts – wand attachments

Since long before we first launched PULSE, we’ve known that vibrations aren’t just for vaginas – they can be incredibly intense on your penis too, especially if they’re in just the right place. One of the ways you can take advantage of the powerful vibrations provided by a wand toy is by picking up a special attachment to go at the end of it.

Expert sex toy blogger The Big Gay Review has given a run-down of how to use wand attachments if you have a penis, alongside a recommendation for Lovehoney’s ‘Hummer’ magic wand attachment.

“Armed with a whole army of attachments, the Magic Wand has turned into a bona-fide sex machine. I couldn’t help but feel envious of how everyone was raving about how the wand gave them the best orgasms they had ever had. Last year, I took the plunge and bought a Deluxe Mains Powered Wand for myself, to see what all the fuss was about – I mean, why should the ladies have all the fun, right? Well I soon discovered that there was plenty of fun for a man to have with the Magic Wand on it’s own.”

Christmas gifts – a luxury manicure

Alongside bringing us Christmas cheer, winter also has its down-sides: the cold weather can be really tough on your delicate skin, especially your hands. Alongside a lack of imagination, that’s why we all end up buying each other gloves as stocking-fillers, right? So if you want to get a really nice gift for your penis this year, treat yourself to a manicure. Just pop into your local neighbourhood salon or a spa if you’re feeling fancy, and ask for a luxury manicure. After an hour of so of moisturising, hot wraps, and nail tidying you’ll leave with delicate soft hands. Perfect for a bit of alone time later.

Great Christmas gifts for other people

Not found what you’re looking for here? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Check out our other Christmas gift guides: for the porn-lover, for the BDSM fan and for the exhibitionist. And keep an eye on our blog and Twitter for more sexy gift ideas.


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