The Queen Bee Has Arrived!

Ever since we launched the first PULSE sex toy, we’ve had people asking us when we’ll be bringing the same revolutionary technology to a clitoral stimulator. Now that day is here!

We’re so excited to launch the Queen Bee: a hand-held sex toy that brings the unique sensations of the PulsePlate™ to deliver powerful clitoral stimulation. And it’s safe to say you’ve never experienced anything like it…

What is the Queen Bee?

The Queen Bee is a sex toy like no other. Founded on medical technology and patented across the world, the Queen Bee is a powerful next-generation clitoral stimulator.

In fact, so powerful is the Queen Bee that we’ve made sure to give you two surfaces that you can use: one which will direct the rumbly oscillations directly to your clit, the other side a more gentle massage surface that you can use for a warm-up.

Like all our toys the Queen Bee is entirely waterproof with a magnetic charging port, so it can be used in the bath or shower. And it comes with either steady oscillations that you can increase or decrease using the buttons on the toy, or six different pulse patterns if you want to mix things up.

But the most important part is the technology inside the Queen Bee. While most sex toys use vibrations for clitoral stimulation, the Queen Bee uses a ‘piston-type’ mechanism in order to generate extremely deep and rumbly oscillations.

What are oscillations? And how are they different to vibrations?

Unlike vibrations, which are low-amplitude and shake only slightly, oscillations are high-amplitude – traveling a greater physical distance. The average vibrator might move around 0.5mm – certainly enough to stimulate, but not as powerful as the 1.5mm that can be achieved with an oscillating PulsePlate™.

Think of it like the difference between the shaky vibrations of a bus as it accelerates, and the powerful juddering as it goes over a speed bump.

How did the Queen Bee come about?

Ever since we launched PULSE – a sex toy that harnesses oscillations to stimulate the penis – we’ve had customers clamouring for an equivalent that can be used for clitoral stimulation.

Oscillating technology has been around in the medical world for years, but it was only brought to the sex toy market when one of our founders – Adam Lewis – spotted an article in a medical journal about oscillating technology being used to induce orgasm in men with severe spinal injuries. The power of oscillation could give men orgasms where nothing else could. And Adam realised that this tech could be made smaller, sexier, and more affordable so that every guy could try it.

And so PULSE was born. Using a small, coin-sized PulsePlate™ on the inside of a toy designed to wrap around a penis, the oscillations could be used to send throbbing sensations from the sensitive frenulum right through the head and shaft of the penis, giving many thousands of men intense and powerful orgasms. Needless to say, we wanted everyone to try it!

But taking this technology and adapting it for clitoral stimulation was quite a challenge. First we had to adapt the PulsePlate™: make it larger and oval-shaped to allow for broader stimulation of the vulva and clitoris.

Next we had to find the most ergonomic shape for the sex toy. We researched the most common clitoral masturbation positions, and adapted the shape of the toy so that it would be easy to hold and direct the sensation no matter which of the positions you were in.

We also learned that many people want more build-up prior to clitoral stimulation, and with the powerful oscillating PulsePlate™ we wanted to offer two different stimulation options. So as well as the PulsePlate™ on one side, there’s a gentle massage area on the other side of the head of the toy, to allow for a gentle build-up.

I need one – where do I get the Queen Bee?

You can buy the Queen Bee direct from our website!

Pick yours up today, charge it up and get ready to experience powerful oscillating clitoral stimulation for the first time!


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