Show Stigma The Finger

We believe the world would be a better place if everyone enjoyed healthier and happier sex lives. The principal obstacles to that are the stigmas and taboos associated with sex and masturbation. We want you to join our movement and show us just how you feel about sexual oppression through stigmas and stereotypes.

Meet our Ambassadors

Our latest campaign showcases some amazing women with their own stories of sexual oppression and prejudice. Each of them has a cause being supported by DiGiT – scroll down to find out more about their stories and select which cause to contribute to.

Emelle is showing homophobia the finger

Click here to buy a DiGiT and donate 10% of profits to the Human Rights Campaign, to help fight homophobia.

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Mary is showing labels the finger

Click here to buy a DiGiT and donate 10% of profits to Little People of America, to help fight disablism.

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Raj is showing colorism the finger

Click here to buy a DiGiT and donate 10% of profits to Race Forward, to help fight colorism.

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Sophia is showing ‘flawless’ the finger

Click here to buy a DiGiT and donate 10% of profits to Project HEAL to help fight eating disorders.

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Victoria is showing transphobia the finger

Click here to buy a DiGiT and donate 10% of profits to the National Center for Transgender Equality, to help fight transphobia.

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Lori is showing ‘too old’ the finger

Click here to buy a DiGiT and donate 10% of profits to SAGE, to help fight ageism.

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Join the Movement

If you have ever been made to feel less deserving or able to enjoy a healthy, happy sex life through prejudice, stigmas, or stereotypes, we urge you to share your story to the world using:


Show Stigma The Finger. Orgasm with DiGiT

Show Stigma The Finger by orgasming with DiGiT. 10% of profits go to the charities chosen by our ambassadors, so every shudder sticks a finger up to stigma. Designed to feel like an extension of your hand, targeted stimulation is only a touch away.

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Ambassador Stories

Read below how our ambassadors have faced adversity and won by embracing who they are, sexually and as people in an often unforgiving world. Every DiGiT purchased guarantees support for their chosen charity and you an orgasm to remember.


“I’m sticking the finger up to the misconception that gay women are only gay because they’ve not had sex with the ’right guy’. A lot of men think lesbian sex is a joke and not proper sex – and that they can turn me. I can’t be turned. For me, lesbian sex is exactly what I want physically and emotionally and gives me the most sexual pleasure.”

To support Emelle’s cause:

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“I’m sticking my finger up to the misconception that disabled people don’t want, or can’t have, sex. Sexual pleasure is a basic human right! We all want to be loved, we all crave a bit of intimacy from time to time and, like it or not, disabled people are sexual beings.”

To support Mary’s cause:

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“I’m sticking my finger up to those in India who think fairer skin is superior to darker skin tones. Perpetuated by the marriage market, beauty industry, Bollywood and Miss India pageants, this prejudice demeans nationals with darker complexions and leads to lower self-esteem and fewer professional and personal successes. It’s a relic from the days of the caste system and it’s a serious problem.

To support Raj’s cause:

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“I’m sticking my finger up to bulimia and anorexia. I’m a bisexual woman with borderline personality disorder and I’ve battled eating disorders for many traumatic years. As a result, I now have osteoporosis in my spine and a constant nagging feeling that I’m never good enough, pretty enough or normal enough. Thankfully, I have found solace in my work as a performance artist, which gives me balance to embrace being female and who I am.”

To support Sophia’s cause:

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“I’m sticking my finger up to all those who think that being 55 years old means I’m past my sexual prime. We’re constantly marginalized, especially when it comes to sex and dating. Pushed aside in favor of younger, perkier versions. Older men are called eligible bachelors and silver foxes, while older women are dubbed old maids and spinsters.”

To support Lori’s cause:

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“I’m sticking my finger up to transphobia. It’s time society accepted trans people as sexual beings. A happy and healthy sex life is something every woman deserves, no matter their culture, gender identity or racial background. I’m a transgender woman from the Philippines and I’ve never felt sexier.”

To support Victoria’s cause:

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Campaign Build Video

We’re spreading our #ShowStigmaTheFinger message all over town. Fly posting is just the start.

Show Stigma the Finger, and do it with attitude.

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Show the world how powerful one finger can be

By buying a DiGiT you will help raise a middle finger to sexual injustice and support our ambassadors’ chosen charities. Help stop stigma in its tracks by sharing the hashtag:


10% of profits on DiGiT sales stemming from the ‘Show Stigma The Finger’ campaign will be donated to selected charities at the end of the campaign.

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