Sexy Tricks And Treats For Halloween


Perhaps one of the nicest things about the internet (yes, we know, there are some pretty horrible things about it too) is that celebrations and festivals get to spread further across the world. In the UK, we’ve traditionally been quite bad at Halloween: cheap costumes and a bit of fake blood on one night each year doesn’t exactly make for a scary evening. But thanks to our friends across the pond, Halloween seems to get bigger and more exciting with every year that passes, as we embrace our American cousins’ enthusiasm for costumes, sweets, ghost stories… and all the fun of the freaky.

Last year, to mark the spookiest night of the year, we offered up some of the sexiest scenes from horror movies to give you inspiration for a hot (and scary) night in. This year, we’ve had a go at coming up with some sexy tricks and treats to enjoy with your partner.

So grab a fantastic sex toy or two (PULSE or the Queen Bee, depending on what you and your partner would enjoy the most) and get stuck in to some sex tricks and treats…

Sexy treat: candy and costumes

One of the most devastating things about being an adult is that you don’t get to have the same kind of fun as children. Putting on a Batman costume and going door-to-door asking for candy is fine when you’re eight, but not so fine when you’re forty-eight.

Luckily, there are options for grown-ups who enjoy getting into costume but don’t want to terrify the neighbours. Prepare your Halloween costume and hide some candy around the house, with clues for your partner to find. They can follow the trail of candy to find the ultimate prize at the end… you! Dressed as a sexy Spiderman or a sexy vampire or sexy completely-naked-person-lying-seductively-on-the-bed.

Sexy trick: sex toy hide-and-seek

Issue your partner with a filthy challenge: they have to make themselves come with their favourite sex toy in a time period of your choosing (we can’t specify how long because it will depend on their usual time). Then let them know that there’s an extra element of challenge: you’ve hidden their favourite sex toy somewhere in the house and they have to find it before they can start. It’s a sexy treasure hunt that will (hopefully!) end with some enthusiastic masturbation.

Bonus: you’ll get to start the sexiness in a room other than the one they usually keep their toys in, adding an extra thrill to the trick.

If this sounds a little too cruel (after all, you can’t guarantee that they’ll find it) then instead of hiding a toy they already own, buy them something new that they’ve been lusting after for a while. Their delight at finding something special will instantly turn this trick into a treat… as long as you make sure it’s charged and ready!

Sexy trick AND treat: tease-in-the-dark

Let’s face it, the spookiest Halloween surprises all happen in the dark. Turn out the lights, or perhaps get your partner to put on a blindfold, then tease them with gentle touches of each of their favourite sex toys. Ask them to guess which each of them is as you run the toys over their body – letting them feel the shape, texture and vibration. If they guess correctly, they win a ‘treat’ – stimulation with the toy in question, whether that’s a flogger, a vibrator or anything else in your toy drawer.

If this sounds like too much treat, add an element of ‘trick’ to it by not allowing them to orgasm until they’ve identified all the items. Or you could use a toy like PULSE DUO to get them to just before the peak of orgasm then using the remote to switch it off, edging them for just long enough that their screams will be loud enough to wake the dead…

Halloween: it’s not all sexy tricks and treats

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while you’ll know we’re always a little nervous about offering generic sex and foreplay tips: everyone enjoys sex differently, and what would be a fabulous treat to someone may be a horrible trick for someone else. So hopefully the ideas above can give you a little inspiration that you can tailor to whatever you and your partner most enjoy. And if none of them takes your fancy? We’re sure you have some tricks of your own up your sleeve that will guarantee them an excellent night.


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