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Sexy Science You Can Do At Home

We’re suckers for sexy science. Our incredible PULSE II SOLO was, after all, dreamed up when one of our founders – Adam Lewis – was browsing a medical science journal and discovered an amazing piece of kit that helped men ejaculate without erections. So of course when we see people doing weird and intriguing things in the name of science, we’re all over it.

This week we spotted a video which combined the fun of a classroom science experiment with a giant dildo. The results were pretty impressive:

Probably for the best, not all of us have liquid nitrogen to hand. But if you’re curious about some of the sexier elements of your life and you want to do a couple of home experiments, here are a few sexy science things you can do at home.

Sensory trials of your sex toys

How much do your expectations influence your pleasure? And can you really tell the difference between this bullet vibe and that one? Let’s find out by exploring the sex toy placebo.

Did you know that headache tablets which come in shiny branded packaging are more effective than those which come in a store’s own or ‘value’ brand packaging? Even if they have the same active ingredients. Studies exploring the placebo effect have shown that pain relief medication is often more effective simply because you believe it to be. That’s not to say that store medicine is ineffective – just that the placebo effect can have quite a significant impact on your perception.

What’s this got to do with sex toys? Well, if you have a collection of similar toys, it’s possible that your perception of the toy also influences how much pleasure it gives you. Beautifully designed toys, expensive toys, and those with bold claims on the packaging may well be influencing us when we decide which gives the most pleasure. As far as we can tell, no one’s tested this yet, but it’s a pretty fun sexy science experiment to do at home.

So if you want to do some sexy science at home, enlist a partner or open-minded friend to blindfold you then run the toys over your body. Can you guess which is which? Which feels most powerful? Do the sensations change, or do your perceptions change, as you focus on purely feeling the effects rather than seeing them?

Other fun games along these lines include sense-testing condoms (can you tell the difference between ribbed and studded?), testing different lubes without seeing the packaging, and seeing if you can work out which masturbator is being slipped onto your penis. Of course it doesn’t work with unique toys like the PULSE II SOLO – nothing else has the same oscillating PulsePlate. But once you’ve experimented with your other toys, you can finish off with a PULSE-induced hands-free orgasm.

pH testing

Yep, that’s right, you can buy ph testing kits from Amazon and use them to check the ph of your sex juices. There’s no real reason to do this other than curiosity, to be honest. But sex blogger Girl on the Net (who has done any number of ridiculous things in the name of sexy science) assures us it’s quite fun to compare the acidity of your vagina to the acidity of other household items: beer, milk, vinegar, different types of lube, etc.

If you’re curious about what the results should look like: semen is an alkali substance, so your test strips for that should turn a lovely shade of blue, while the vagina tends to have an acidity of under 4.5 pH. An imbalance in the natural bacteria found in your vagina can sometimes be a cause for concern. But realistically, if you’re concerned you shouldn’t be pH testing at home – if you’re concerned about your vagina or you suspect you may have a bacterial infection, don’t mess around with sexy science at home: get in touch with your doctor.

Sex toy degradation

No, this isn’t some sort of humiliation game – it’s a sexy science experiment run by the incomparable sex blogger Dangerous Lilly. Dangerous Lilly is a sex toy reviewer dedicated to raising awareness of dangerous toys, and recommending only the best ones – in body-safe materials. A few years ago, frustrated by the sheer number of low-quality jelly sex toys on the market, Lilly decided to highlight how unsafe the substances were. So she took a lot of old sex toys – of a variety of unknown materials – and put them in a glass jar.

And they melted.

They turned into a gooey, liquidy mess. Check out the horror here.

If you want to do the same with your old sex toys – for posterity, and in the name of sexy science – what you’re looking for is the older, jelly-like toys. Good sex toys these days are made from body-safe materials: silicone, glass, wood and other materials. PULSE II SOLO and PULSE II DUO are both made from body-safe silicone, but it’s likely that some of your older masturbators, butt plugs and dildos could be made from this leaky gunge. Check out Lilly’s guide on toxic sex toys, then have a rummage in your drawers to see what you might want to throw out.


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