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Sexy Christmas Presents For Under £50

It’s that time of year again! For some the idea of shopping for sexy Christmas presents will sound like a chore, and for others it will prove an exciting opportunity to hunt down something perfect to surprise and delight a lover. We’re here to make the whole thing a little easier, with a sexy Christmas present guide full of ideas that won’t hurt your wallet.

First things first: check out our guide on how to choose a sexy Christmas gift (without putting pressure on the person you’re buying for!), then step inside our special Christmas grotto, and bag yourself a pre-Christmas bargain…

Pocket PULSE – turbo-charged wank tool

If you want to introduce someone you love to the pleasures of penis vibrations, then Pocket PULSE makes for a really sexy Christmas present. The Pocket PULSE is designed to be a lightweight, affordable option for people who want to try out a penis vibrator: two large and powerful vibration motors inside the toy vibrate in unison to create throbbing, intense vibrations designed to turbo-charge masturbation. Just slip the Pocket PULSE over the penis (with a bit of lube to help it slide), turn it on, then slide it up and down the penis to add an extra dimension of powerful vibrations.

It’ll make a great gift on Christmas morning, but more importantly it means you can continue the fun of Christmas long into the New Year! Pocket PULSE is also designed to be lightweight and easily portable, so this is a Christmas present you’ll probably be bringing along on your summer holidays too!

Thinking myself off – Leandra Vane

Who doesn’t love getting books for Christmas? They’re the gift that keeps on giving well into New Year, as you snuggle down to read while eating leftover mince pies. Best of all, this book is by our very own guest blogger Leandra Vane, who has written brilliantly before about how she hunts orgasms, and the joys of thinking herself off.

“Do I spend too much time fantasizing? How do I tell my partner? How do I incorporate pornography, erotica, or other media into my life? What happens when I feel guilty about the things that make me orgasm? What if certain words or objects in my everyday environment turn me on?”

In this book Thinking Myself Off, Leandra talks erotic fantasies: having them, cultivating them, and making the most of your own.

Slube – bath based sex play

Chocolate coins might make for delicious snacks on Christmas morning, but we think the best stocking fillers are ones that you can play with later. So the fun extends beyond Christmas and well into the new year. Well, Slube bath based lube is one of those presents: if you unwrap one of these you can look forward to planning a night of fun, playful intimacy once the family has all gone home and you have the house (and the bathroom!) to yourselves again.

Slube is made from dry crystals which you pour into a bath of warm water. As the water fills the tub, the crystals will turn it into a lake of slippery, silky gunge – perfect for rolling around in. It allows you to experiment with fun sexy things like Nuru massage (where you use your whole body to massage someone else’s) as well as delightfully tactile in-bath play. And when you’re done with the Slube, you can always round it off with a session in the shower with your new waterproof Pocket PULSE!

ATOM cock ring – powerful partnered play

Launched just this year, we’re incredibly proud of our ATOM cock ring. Thanks to an incredibly powerful motor, this cock ring gives incredible stimulation during both sex and masturbation. With a raised contact point on the front of the ring, the ATOM cock ring is designed to give intense clitoral stimulation during sex, and during masturbation the vibrations will add an extra pleasurable dimension.

The ATOM is just a shade under £50 at £49, or if you want to push the boat out you can try the ATOM PLUS for £69. The same powerful vibrations and ergonomic design, but this time with an extra motor that’s designed to sit against the perineum. They’re both a huge step up from cock rings you may have used in the past, but don’t take our word for it – check out this incredible (and funny!) ATOM PLUS review!

Sexy Christmas presents for lovebirds!

Beneath the cool, sex-toy-inventing exterior, here at Hot Octopuss we’re a soppy lot. And so we couldn’t resist including something a little romantic in this Christmas present guide. The lovely people over at GoodGifts collate some of the most interesting charity Christmas presents you can give to your loved ones. And for just £25 you can help save the habitat of lovebirds – ensuring it’s not just you and your loved one who’ll have a long and happy 2019.

Or if you’re after something with a little more passion and a little less monogamy, for just £35 you can provide a small-scale farmer with all the equipment, tools and plants required to grow a crop of passionfruit!

Lube selection pack

Come on, it’s Christmas! We had to get a selection pack in our sexy Christmas presents somewhere! This lovely lube selection pack from Jo Divine is only £16.99, and comes with an oil-based lube (great for long-lasting slip and slide) as well as a water-based lube (safe to use with sex toys and condoms). If you fancy something fruitier, this Sliquid selection pack from Lovehoney contains cherry, vanilla, raspberry and green apple flavoured lubes alongside some staple favourites.

Sexy Christmas presents no matter who you’re buying for!

We hope you’ve found one or two things that will make great sexy Christmas presents, but if you’ve not discovered the perfect item yet, don’t worry! Check out some of our other Christmas gift guides, and keep an eye on this blog in the run-up to Christmas because we’ll be posting more great recommendations and out-of-the-ordinary present ideas!


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