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Sex Toys For Menopause

Author Nicci Talbot is a firm believer that sex can get even better after menopause. In this article, she gives a rundown of her favorite exercises, lubricants, and toys for the discerning senior woman.

Physical changes during menopause can affect your sexual response and libido. But it doesn’t mean the end of intimacy. Sex toys can help. Here are our top pleasure products for menopause.

Menopause officially happens when you haven’t had a period in over a year – the average age being 51. “Symptoms may be subtle, or they may feel like PMS on steroids,” says our senior sex writer Joan Price (she writes about her experiences of menopause here). Hormonal changes can lead to sexual side effects, including loss of libido, vaginal dryness, painful sex, and weaker orgasms. Symptoms can intensify when your periods stop, and you may experience them in the lead up to menopause, called  perimenopause.

Sex during menopause does have its challenges, but as Joan says, “I’m comfortably past that period in my life and am here to tell you that life post-menopause can be fabulous – and that includes your sex life.” A generation ago, there was a bit of a taboo around menopause, but now we’re talking up a storm. We’re hungry for information and there’s lots out there. See what your doctor can do for you, join online forums, webinars, read blogs and books. Check out some of the new toys and products for menopause/wellness – there’s plenty of innovation in this space. As well as being great fun to play with, sex toys and lubes are practical. They can help alleviate symptoms and increase sexual pleasure.

Here are our top sex toys & products for menopause.

Ahh-mazing lubricants

Lubricants can help ease vaginal dryness and transform your sex life. As we age, the walls of the vagina get thinner, and we don’t get as wet during foreplay. Lube decreases friction and makes sex and masturbation feel great. Experiment with different brands – we like the YES brand of natural organic lubes (everything you need to know about menopause on their website). Here are some of the most common lubes for menopause-related dryness and the pros and cons of each. There’s also a growing market of CBD-infused lubes (check out FORIA Awaken), which can help reduce pain and inflammation topically.

AMO bullet vibrator

A good bullet vibe is essential for your toolkit. Small, portable, and stylish, the AMO is a powerful clitoral vibrator for masturbation and partner play. It’s surprisingly strong for a little toy and has deep, rumbly vibes that feel glorious on your clit. It should help you to have stronger orgasms. Find out more about the AMO bullet vibrator.


If you want some penetration when masturbating, there’s are lots of great vibrators out there – dildo or rabbit-style to stimulate the clitoris and g-spot at the same time. Buy a slim, silicone vibrator that feels smooth and sexy and use plenty of lube. You may find it easier to stimulate your g-spot as the vaginal walls are thinner after menopause. We’ve heard good reports about the Womanizer for ‘bomb ass oral sex’ – very soft with 12 intensity levels. If lack of sensation is a problem, try the juggernaut aka The Doxy – a super-charged mains-powered vibrator/massager – strong enough to give anyone an orgasm! Great for general body massage too.

PULSE DUO LUX couples’ toy

Here’s a toy that you can both enjoy – especially if penis-in-vagina is feeling a bit painful. PULSE DUO LUX offers a new way of having sex without the need for penetration. It’s designed for foreplay so you can enjoy different sensations and being close. It has two strong motors that oscillate to give a deep, rumbly feeling. The LUX version comes with watches so you can use it hands-free and swap to control each other’s pleasure. Find out more about PULSE DUO LUX couples’ toy.

Kegel exercisers

As we age, our pelvic floor muscles weaken, which can lead to decreased sexual sensation and weaker orgasms. One way to combat this is to do regular Kegel exercises. Once you understand them, you can do them anytime and anywhere. Do them manually or treat yourself to some love balls or a Kegel exerciser – here’s a guide to some of the best. You can even get vibrating ones like the Aneros Vivi – a fun way to get your tone on!

Doctors should prescribe sex toys! They bring new sensations, give you lots of pleasure, never get tired, and take the focus off penetration – we can be lazy. They also get you talking and help you think more creatively about sex.

It’s inspiring to see how many great sex toys and products are on the market for menopause. We have more choices now than ever before, so make the most of it!


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