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In this post, we interview a 77-year-old native of Texas, USA, who had major problems maintaining an erection after treatments for prostate cancer. He bought PULSE SOLO LUX with extra power and believes it could be the sex toy for prostate cancer survivors.

The toy

PULSE SOLO LUX is powerful yet versatile. It can be used flaccid or erect and could possibly be the sex toy for prostate cancer survivors.

The story

After enduring 40 radiation treatments and Lupron injections for prostate cancer, my sex life seemed to be only a memory, and I was devastated. However, thanks to PULSE SOLO LUX, I once again have a satisfying sex life. Although PULSE may not be effective for everyone, I recommend that any prostate cancer survivor try one. The possibility of recovering a good sex life certainly outweighs the modest investment for PULSE. PULSE SOLO LUX has unbelievable capabilities, and the reviews can be trusted. The new model’s additional power absolutely defies description!

The feedback

Q. Could you tell us about your disability/health condition as it relates to your sex life?

I’ve had major problems maintaining an erection after treatments were completed. Everything is in horrible condition 10 months after treatments were started.

Q. If you had to sum up your experience using PULSE SOLO LUX in just one sentence, what would you say?

Using PULSE 11 months after treatments were started, I actually came, and as I continued using PULSE, I learned how to use it more effectively, and orgasms became more intense and more pleasurable.

Q. How easy did you find it to set up and use?

It’s easy to set up. Could use a more specific instruction stating how to turn on and then press control button a SECOND time to start.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about how you used the toy and how it felt?

I change the various settings according to how I feel. Although orgasms are not the same as those prior to cancer treatments, I do enjoy my sexual experience very much.

Q. Did you reach orgasm and how was it?

PULSE works great for me in spite of prostate being destroyed by radiation. Although I certainly do not understand how I can orgasm after treatments, I just accept my good fortune and remain very thankful to have PULSE. Without it my life would be miserable.

Q. Was there anything about PULSE SOLO LUX that worked well with your condition/s?

The intense stimulation works very well for me.

Q. How could we improve this product to make it work better for you?

When an invention is perfect, you don’t need to improve it. I rarely describe anything as being perfect, but PULSE easily deserves the description.

Q. Have you tried any other sex toys that you hoped would work with your disability/health condition?

I tried the Cobra Libre because reviews were simply great, but it was worthless for me. It might be OK for a man who hasn’t had cancer treatments. I have no way of knowing. I never needed or purchased any kind of toy prior to my prostate cancer treatments. Nothing could provide a prostate cancer survivor the intense pleasure that PULSE SOLO LUX provides.

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your experience with PULSE SOLO LUX and with Hot Octopuss in general?

Both the product and the company are excellent. I have told you how much I appreciate having PULSE. The representatives of the company are genuinely interested in their customers. Such representatives are rare in today’s world. From my own experience and from my reading and research, I believe urologists generally do not provide much assistance or counselling regarding sexual problems or ways to address those problems. I realize that their primary goal is to save lives, and I know their time and energy may not permit additional time with patients. Nevertheless, the patient is basically ‘on his own’ to find help for his sexual problems after treatment. I sincerely wish this problem could be better addressed. Hopefully, some of the things I have told you will be seen by other cancer survivors who will learn about PULSE and have the help I have received. I will close with a sincere thanks to your company and its representatives.

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