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Sex Toy Advent Calendar

The Christmas countdown is on! Forget about candy and socks, let’s stuff that stocking with the unexpected. The Hot Octopuss elves have been cooking up some freaky little treats for their favourite holiday deviants (that’s you!)

On the twelfth day of Christmas the freaky elves gave to me . . .

12 balls a-ringing

two christmas balls dangle in the middle of ATOM sex toy

Ring those balls, ATOM Plus is a cause for celebration! This powerhouse of a c-ring is the ideal perineum toy.

ATOM features TWO motors, one of which nestles into the festive wonderland right behind the scrotum. Ho ho ho indeed! 

On the eleventh day of Christmas the freaky elves gave to me . . .

11 angels playing

angel atop christmas tree holding sex toy

Even the hardest working angel needs to kick up her feet sometimes. Say hello to AMO, our elegant and discreet bullet vibrator. This pocket-sized pal features unique contours, giving the option of curves or pinpoint precision when and where you want it.

Its rumbly motor gives distinctly different sensations than the high frequency buzz of other bullets. An amazing addition for solo or partnered sex!

On the tenth day of Christmas the freaky elves gave to me . . .

10 floggers flogging

sexy geen elf from behind surrounded by BDSM floggers

Lots of folks are staying home with their partners this holiday season. Why not trade in your typical family board games for something new? Flogging is a fun and exciting way to explore impact play with a touch of power exchange.

Treat your favourite bottom to some supple strokes of leather between the harder hitting thuds.

On the ninth day of Christmas the freaky elves gave to me . . .

9 partners cumming

same sex couple looking sexually aroused next to Christmas tree with PULSE DUO sex toy under

Come together this holiday season! PULSE DUO is our best-selling couples’ toy and it’s no wonder why.

Two independently controlled motors mean that you can each be in charge of your own or your partner’s vibrations. Make it a race to see who can cum first!

On the eighth day of Christmas the freaky elves gave to me . . .

8 maids a-milking

plus size woman in Santa hat with Christmas presents covering naked breasts

Know somebody who loves having their nipples sucked, licked, or bitten? Treat them to a pair of our nipple clamps!

These clamps provide a satisfying pressure when applied to the area at the base of the nipples, but the real fun begins when they’re removed and blood rushes back in! This unique clothespin design goes perfect with maid or Mommy role play.

On the seventh day of Christmas the freaky elves gave to me . . .

7 swans a-paddling

sexy Santa with BDSM paddle behind her bending toward a Christmas tree

Lovebirds that mate for life have one thing in common – they always keep the bedroom interesting. Spice things up with a fireside paddling this holiday season.

On the sixth day of Christmas the freaky elves gave to me . . .

6 geezers laying

JETT guybrator on model penis wearing Santa hat

JETT is our award-winning guybrator known for causing hands-free orgasms from any state of arousal. It boasts two independently controlled motors: one that has high frequency treble vibrations, and one that provides deep, rumbling bass.

Use alone or give the remote to a partner. This is one sleigh ride you won’t forget!

On the fifth day of Christmas the freaky elves gave to me . . .

5 co-o-o-o-ock rings

cartoon cockerel holding Christmas gift and 5 cock rings

Technically, it’s a three-pack (but it went so well with the song!) These bad boys are made of solid steel to ensure stronger, more enthusiastic erections than ever before.

Can also be helpful for keeping wayward balls in place and reflecting the glow of Christmas lights in a pleasant way.

On the fourth day of Christmas the freaky elves gave to me . . .

4 collared birds

miniature BDSM man holding Christmas gift and BDSM collar


Nothing puts a submissive in the mood quite like a leather BDSM collar with a fuzzy lining.

Ask your sub to serve you mulled wine, or put an angel atop your tree. Good subs get to sit on Santa’s lap. Naughty subs get bent over.

On the third day of Christmas the freaky elves gave to me . . .

3 wise men

Men in Santa costumes packing sex toys in warehouse

One wise man came with perineum stimulation, one came with treble and bass, and the third wise man came with PulsePlate Technology.

Messiah complexes aside, perhaps there’s a penis owner in your life who’s worthy of such fine gifts.

On the second day of Christmas the freaky elves gave to me . . .

2 butt plugs

man in Santa costume holding woman in underwear over shoulder

Put some holiday cheer in that rear! Our gemmed butt plugs offer a non-intimidating introduction to anal play.

They can be used during solo play or while going about one’s daily activities, for folks who want to get more comfortable before trying with a partner.

On the first day of Christmas the freaky elves gave to me . . .

A penis toy in a Christmas tree

penis toy in a christmas tree

On the first day of Christmas freaky elves gave to me . . . a Penis Toy in a Christmas Tree! Blow off some steam with this powerful guybrator.

Make masturbation breaks discreet, efficient, and memorable with our secret weapon for out of this world orgasms. The ugly sweater Christmas party can wait.

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