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Sex Science: But Not As You Know It

Last week we were delighted to visit the Science Museum for a late-night celebration of all things sex! In partnership with London LGBT Pride, the museum opened its doors to a huge crowd of people, all ready to learn about science and sexuality.

Here are a few highlights from the night.

Genital drawings and play-doh playtime

Of course it wouldn’t be a sex event without a little bit of biology: some of the entries in the genital drawing competition were impressively detailed. Others might have been slightly influenced by the fact that you could buy alcohol as you walked around the museum…

For those who wanted to be a little more hands-on, there was also the opportunity to use their artistic skills to create Play-Doh genitals. One to try yourself at home?

Sex tech: sex toys of the present and future

Naturally, as tech nerds, we were all about the innovation over in the sex tech section. Our Adam was there with PULSE telling the eager crowds all about the patented PulsePlate™. It was developed off the back of medical technology which helped induce ejaculation in men with severe spinal cord injury. The older tech was unwieldy, but it did the job and helped guys take part in IVF and father children, even if they weren’t able to ejaculate via traditional methods.

A bit of ingenious tweaking, some design work to make the toy smaller and lighter, and PULSE was born. Now the tech is available to anyone with a penis who wants to experience a totally unique sensation – oscillating vibrations that run right through your penis. Judging by the crowd’s reaction, we suspect quite a few people will be eagerly waiting for the post this week so they can try out their new PULSE III.

Adam Lewis, our founder, inventor of PULSE, and eager sex toy enthusiast, said:

“We loved showing off PULSE technology to the Science Museum crowd: it’s great to see so much enthusiasm for sex toys that give pleasure in a totally unique way. As we develop more, we’ll be able to bring these sensations to even more people – this summer we’ll be launching The Queen Bee which uses PulsePlate™ technology in a clitoral stimulator. We are always looking for new ways to bring sex tech to consumers – so watch this space for more sex toys of the future!”

We also caught up with our sex tech pals MysteryVibe.

Stephanie Alys, MysteryVibe’s Chief Pleasure Officer (yep, that’s her real job title!) is passionate about the ways in which tech can enhance our sex lives. She explained:

“Technology is changing the way we have sex – that’s a fact. So, we can either embrace and learn from it, or we can let it intrude on our relationships… I know which I’d prefer. Tech is essential for helping people of all genders and sexual orientations understand their bodies, reclaim their sexuality and have better, more pleasurable sex. The future of sex is being built by sex tech entrepreneurs with your sexual health, tastes and desires in mind. We’re here to help you orgasm. Sounds pretty good, right?”

Sex robots: for or against?

But sex tech has had its fair share of controversy, especially when it comes to combining sex and robotics. Sex robots are intelligent machines designed to get you off – perhaps among other things. At the Science Museum Lates event, sex robot expert Dr Kate Devlin went head to head with Dr Emily Collins on the pros and cons of sex robots. Will they benefit humanity, by helping people to explore their sexuality and potentially experience pleasure that they may not have been able to on their own? Or should we be wary of robotic intervention in something as personal and seemingly fundamentally human as sex?

It’s a fascinating topic, and if you’d like to explore it further check out our in-depth interview on sex robots with Dr Devlin, in which she explains how sex robots could benefit humanity, and asks why sex robots have to look human at all…

The future of sex

Alongside all of this there were discussions on getting better sex and relationships education, talks on the importance of LGBT+ diversity in science, and the traditional ‘drinking beer while playing on all the equipment in the kids’ section.’ We were delighted to be able to join in with such a fantastic evening discussing sex and sexuality with some amazing thinkers.

And of course this blog couldn’t properly conjure the spirit of a Science Museum Lates event if we didn’t round it off with some enthusiastic dancing…

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