Hottest Sex Trends Of 2018

Sex trends – Here at HO Towers we’ve spent the past week gazing deeply into our crystal PULSE, and we’re excited by what it tells us 2018 is going to bring. So here are our hottest predictions for the coming year – and how you can use them to upgrade your sex life.

Sex Trend 1: Rise of the Girl Geeks

Sex tech has been a hot trend for a while now, but the world has been slow to get over the stereotype that only guys are interested in technology. However, with the recent launch of the Women Of Sex Tech site, we’re hearing about a new wave of women who are combining their own experience and research with the latest in cutting-edge tech, to produce gorgeous toys to satisfy the body and mind. According to the New York Times, Women of Sex Tech is “a tech-savvy and female-led women’s sexuality movement… Women, many of them under 40, are updating sex toys and related products with their own needs in mind, and leading the companies that sell them.” People like Stephanie Alys of Mystery Vibe and the team at Lioness are leading the way and we’re excited to see what they will come up with next.

How you could use it: If you’ve got a vagina, check out Lioness – this women-led team has created a vibrator that twins with an app to allow you to collect data about yourself to encourage self-experimentation, self-knowledge and hopefully better orgasms.

Sex Trend 2: Reinventing classics

No matter how many new inventions appear on the sex toy market, some older toys will never step aside – with good reason. The Rabbit vibrator has been around for 50 years, yet is a concept that never gets old. According to Ann Summers last year, there are more Rampant Rabbits in bedrooms across the UK than there are actual rabbits in our countryside. And in 2018 they’re kickstarting the ‘revamp’ trend with the Magnetize Rampant Rabbit, which has magnets in the shaft to increase sensitivity and blood flow.

Meanwhile, at Hot Octopuss we’ve spent the past year reinventing the humble cock ring – and we can promise you that the results – the ATOM and ATOM PLUS – will knock your socks off. Watch out for them in February!

How you could use it: Aside from checking out the toys we mention (keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram for updates on ATOM), why not reinvent your own classic sex moves? Throw the toys away for a week to focus on one old favourite, seeing how creative you can get with it. Do let us know what happens.

Sex Trend 3: Focus on consent

Consent has always been a huge and important topic in the sex industry, but the #MeToo phenomenon late last year has brought it crashing into the mainstream – and about time. We’re expecting a lot more discussion about what consent means, what it looks like, and how it should be negotiated, as well as how this impacts people’s everyday lives.

How you could use it: Learn (maybe with partner/s) about Betty Martin’s Wheel Of Consent, which is an interesting introduction to ideas about consent for all genders.

Sex Trend 4: Accessible toys and disability/chronic illness blogging

Last year we saw sex bloggers who write about disability and chronic illness become more numerous and more visible – and we expect great things from them this year (we’ll be updating our own resources in this area soon). Most people’s sex lives involve limitation at some point, in one form or another, and sex toy companies and the mainstream media are starting to realise this. Just this week, the UK’s Metro newspaper published this amazing piece about accessible sex toys (we’re in it!), and we expect 2018 to see writing about sex and disability on blogs and in the mainstream to go from strength to strength. Meanwhile, we think all sex toy companies will start to realise they need to think more about accessibility.

How you could use it: Check out our list of amazing writers about sex and disability – and look out for more in 2018 – whether you’re disabled or not.

Sex Trend 5: Sex ed for all

Raise your hand if you feel your school sex education properly equipped you for sexual and romantic relationships? Thought not.

In recent years, parents in the UK and elsewhere have campaigned for their children to get a better grounding than they did in important issues like safer sex, pregnancy, consent, navigating emotions, LGBTQIA+ issues, and so on – and in the UK last year it was announced that sex and relationships education would be made compulsory in all schools. However, many of those parents (and adults in general) would like some of that information for themselves, too! The awareness of this need has seen the recent launch of O.School live streaming site – intended to provide ‘the sex ed we all should have had’, while organisations that run regular sex information events like Scarlet Ladies and Sh! in London are becoming increasingly popular.

How you could use it: Make 2018 the year you get the sex ed you should have had at school. Start by browsing the organisations above… and hang on for our post later this year on the topic. 🙂


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