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Getting Married On Royal Wedding Weekend?

So everybody knows the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle takes place on 19 May. Is it about time the world knew it was YOUR special day too?

Here at HO Towers we’re sparing a thought for those who set the date a *long* time ago and now realise it clashes with the Royal Wedding. For some, it may be a wonderfully romantic coincidence. For others, perhaps you feel a bit… overshadowed?

Spouses-to-be, we got you.

If you’re getting married on the weekend of the Royal Wedding (that’s 19-20 May 2018), follow us on Twitter or Instagram and then post evidence of your special day (full terms and conditions at the end of this post). We’ll send you one of our super-powerful Queen Bee wand toys* completely free, so you too can feel like royalty on your wedding night – and keep the fun rumbling on and on if all that wine and cake has left you in need of some extra oomph.

If you’d like us to, we’ll also tell the whole world about your wedding via our social media accounts and website, so you get almost as much attention as if you were Meghan and Harry. Because everybody deserves to get the royal treatment on their special day.

If it isn’t your wedding day, we STILL want you to feel like royalty.

If you use the exclusive, short-term discount code ROYAL40 (runs from 14-20 May 2018), you can get a massive 40% off the Queen Bee on our site. Hey, take a pic of yourself in white with it and tweet it at us. We’ll give YOU some love and attention like it’s your wedding day on 19 May too.

Wishing you all a happy Royal Wedding Weekend. That’s going out to Prince Harry, to Meghan Markle and to everyone else tying the knot. It’s also going out to everyone who’s about to pledge their lifelong love and commitment to our seriously powerful wand toy… LONG LIVE THE QUEEN BEE!

Full Terms and Conditions for royal wedding giveaway:

1. Hot Octopuss will gift one free Queen Bee to anyone getting married on the weekend of of the Royal Wedding, taking place 19 May 2018.

2. Limit is one Queen Bee per couple.

3. To enter, show us proof of the date of your wedding (must take place on 19-20 May 2018). You must show this proof to us between Monday 14 May and Sunday 20 May 2018. This proof could be a wedding invitation, or a photo of you on the day with proof of the date (holding the day’s newspaper, or in front of a news channel with the date on it, for example).

4. Proof of marriage does not include: a selfie, a picture of you wearing white, trolls or an exhibition of intolerance. We may ask you for further proof of the date of your wedding if your initial entry doesn’t meet the requirements. 

5. To share your proof of marriage, post mentioning @HotOctopuss using hashtag #RoyalTreatment on Twitter or Instagram. We strongly advise you not to post items such as marriage licences which would give away too much personal information about you.

6. You must be following Hot Octopuss on Twitter or Instagram in order to be eligible.

7. Should you comply with these terms, Hot Octopuss will contact you via DM to obtain an address to send you a Queen Bee. You must respond within five business days in order to take advantage of the offer.

8. If you’re not getting married, but still want to feel like a queen, you can purchase a Queen Bee for 40% off with the code ROYAL40 on the Hot Octopuss website:

9. This discount code offer begins at 00.01am 14 May 2018 and ends 20 May 2018 at midnight (UK time), so get it while you’re hot.


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