The World’s first Guybrator™ with patented PulsePlate Technology™

PULSE is a multi-award winning male stimulator (or guybrator) that uses oscillations to stimulate the penis. The PulsePlate provides unique stimulation without the need for stroking, allowing the user to cum hands-free.

While PULSE III SOLO has been designed for male solo use, PULSE III DUO with its remote control and vibrating underside has been specifically designed for couples.

Proven Medical Technology

Medical research has identified that oscillations applied in a very specific way can make a man ejaculate involuntarily. PULSE has harnessed this science through its oscillating PulsePlate™, designed to deliver the most powerful and unique orgasm.

Discreet delivery on all items to your door.

Discreet delivery to your door.

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While PULSE III SOLO is a male solo toy, PULSE III DUO with its remote control and vibrating underside is the perfect couples’ foreplay toy.


What is PulsePlate Technology™?

PulsePlate Technology™ is the patented ‘piston’-like system PULSE uses to deliver high-amplitude oscillations rather than the low-amplitude vibrations typically found in conventional sex toys.

Although oscillators are commonplace in the medical world, PULSE is the first to bring this patented medical technology to the sex toy market.


PULSE can be used completely flaccid

An added advantage of PULSE’s design is that a man does not need to have an erection to use it. Tests have shown that used static, PULSE can lead to orgasm even while the user remains flaccid.

This makes PULSE ideal for those with erection difficulties as well as older users who might just need a little extra help.


PULSE can be used with or without lubricant

As a solo toy, PULSE can be used in two different ways. When used with lubricant, PULSE becomes a revolutionary next-generation masturbator.

Alternatively, PULSE can be used in a way that is similar to how the technology would be used in the medical field – static and lubricant-free. In this case, the PulsePlate™ provides stimulation without the need for the typical up-and-down motion, also know as ‘stroking’.


PULSE III DUO turns foreplay into the main event

Worn by him, enjoyed by both, PULSE III DUO takes foreplay to a whole new level. While the man controls his oscillations via the device, the remote control allows the woman to tailor the vibrations she receives from the base of the toy.

Whether in missionary or woman-on-top position, PULSE III DUO delivers a unique hands-free foreplay experience that allows you to focus completely on each other.

Packed with Technology and Features

Six Vibration Patterns for Him

Choose from six different vibration patterns to find just the right setting for you.

100% Waterproof

Make a splash! Enjoy PULSE in the shower, bath or even jacuzzi.

Magnetic Charging – With USB Adaptor

Quick and easy with state-of-the-art magnetic charging – versatile USB adaptor.

What makes PULSE III SOLO & DUO so special?

  • A multi-award-winning male stimulator
  • Can be used flaccid or erect – great for users with erection difficulties
  • A pioneering hands-free toy for couples – takes foreplay to a new level
  • Independently adjustable vibrations for each partner – with remote for her
  • Choose from six vibration patterns – find just the right setting
  • Make a splash – enjoy PULSE in the shower, bath or even jacuzzi
  • Rechargeable with USB magnetic charging – fast and easy

Most Recent Comments

“PULSE is a mind
blowing, orgasm inducing,
vibrating machine. It’s so
intensely good, he couldn’t
actually stop himself from
reaching orgasm.”

Gritty Woman

“This product can be used
with an erect or flaccid penis,
which immediately made
me excited for those
with erectile challenges.”


“I wasn’t sure the remote
control would make too much
difference, but when he
randomly turned up the
settings, I suddenly realised
he had the remote
in his hand!!”


“Oh my goodness, this is the
most badass toy directed
at male satisfaction I have
tested! I haven’t seen him
ejaculate with such force since
we married 16 years ago.”

Madame Amrita

with a special someone
and although I like to keep the
details of my sex life to myself,
I will say it was an incredible


“When we’re together, I
can’t wait to use it! It’s just
something different to
intercourse. This is a great
solution for wanting intimacy
without intercourse, but
being face to face
at the same time.”


Whether used flaccid or erect and with or without lubricant, PULSE III SOLO is an incredibly versatile and powerful male solo toy.

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While the man controls the stimulation he receives from the PulsePlate™ via the device, the remote control allows the woman to tailor the vibrations she receives from the base of the toy. This makes PULSE III DUO the ultimate couples’ foreplay toy.

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